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Folio Book Illustration Award; illustrations for Neil Gaiman's book covers
(Image credit: @Cristina Bencina 2023 / @Evangeline Gallagher 2022)

The yearly Folio Book Illustration Awards is now unfastened for submissions to each artists aliases each kinds styles, anywhere. This is nan prestigious awards created by The Folio Society designed to find and beforehand caller illustrators.

The large news this twelvemonth is writer Neil Gaiman will beryllium a impermanent conscionable astatine nan Folio Book Illustration Awards, which will shortlist six caller artists, pinch nan winning introduction receiving £2,000 and 5 runners-up being awarded £500. But nan existent gem of a prize is nan victor will besides beryllium commissioned to exemplify nan forthcoming constricted version of Gaiman's short stories.

If you're unaware of The Folio Society, this is simply a book patient dedicated to crafting constricted version books pinch an accent connected unthinkable creation and innovative people processes. For examples, publication my caller question and reply pinch award-winning illustrator Zoë van Dijk who created nan creation for a constricted version of The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet; aliases my question and reply pinch Neil Packer, nan creator down The Folio Society's beautifully illustrated 400th day of Shakespeare’s first folio. 

Folio Book Illustration Awards; an angel falls retired of nan sun

Cristina Bencina won Folio Book Illustration Award 2023 for her illustration of Ursula K. Le Guin's caller The Fliers of Gy.  (Image credit: @Cristina Bencina 2023)

At nan Folio Book Illustration Awards announcement Neil Gaiman said: "The Folio Society consistently makes immoderate of nan astir beautiful books successful nan world. I'm thrilled that they will beryllium making an original and unsocial postulation of my stories, to beryllium connected nan shelves arsenic an entity of beauty aliases (I hope) taken disconnected nan shelves to beryllium publication and enjoyed."

Neil Gaiman is 1 of 5 judges, pinch past year's Folio Book Illustration Awards winner, Cristina Bencina, now connected nan panel. Last twelvemonth nan awards had 750 entries from 58 countries, and Cristina Bencina won for her illustration of Ursula K. Le Guin's caller The Fliers of Gy. Other judges this twelvemonth are Folio Art Directors Sheri Gee and Raquel Leis Allion arsenic good arsenic Folio Society patient Tom Walker.

"We're thrilled to person Neil Gaiman judging alongside america for this 3rd loop of nan FBIA," said Tom Walker. "Folio has published galore of Neil's novels, and to beryllium moving pinch him connected a constricted version of his short stories is simply a dream travel true. Rich successful ocular imagery, and a communicative to publication complete and again, The Truth is simply a Cave successful nan Black Mountains is conscionable truthful inviting for illustrators. We can't hold to spot nan scope of artwork it inspires."

If you're inspired to participate this year's Folio Book Illustration Awards past possibly it's clip to upgrade your kit, publication my guideline to nan best drafting tablets to spot what's connected offer. Also, prime up immoderate tips successful our database of nan best Procreate tutorials.

The Folio Book Illustration Awards closes astatine midnight UK time, connected 3 April 2024. A longlist of 20 entries, selected by nan judging panel, will beryllium exhibited connected The Folio Society website from June 2024 pinch nan 5 runners-up and 1 victor announced online successful July 2024. T&Cs disposable at

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