Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League review: Rocksteady at its best, in a genre at its worst

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The champion of Rocksteady anchored to a tired crippled creation trend, Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League is simply a muddle of ideas and approaches that has nan DNA of thing good, but tin it beryllium built upon?


  • Excellent ocular design
  • An engaging story
  • Fun and analyzable combat


  • Tired ngo design
  • A dull unrecorded work endgame

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The biggest point holding backmost Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League isn't nan conflicting instrumentality expectations and neither is it nan determination to task Rocksteady Studios, a successful single-player focused developer, pinch making a unrecorded work crippled multiplayer shooter, but it's nan sheer magnitude of nan game's improvement rhythm and consequence, a mixed container of muddled ideas. 

Back successful 2015, pursuing nan merchandise of Arkham Knight, unrecorded work shooters were on-trend, DC's film-verse was successful afloat swing, we were 2 years retired from Zack Snyder's Justice League and a twelvemonth distant from David Ayer's Suicide Squad, times were good, nan early for each of this looked bright, but it each went truthful sour truthful fast.

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The consequence of that adjacent decade successful improvement is simply a highly polished, playable, often innovative team-shooter that is besides confusing and dull, each astatine once. The DNA of Rocksteady is profoundly felt successful each area of nan crippled but truthful excessively is nan overbearing consciousness that nan logic for Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League to beryllium was mislaid on nan way, immoderate clip ago, erstwhile DC's plans looked brighter. 

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Suicide Squad Kill nan Justice League review; an evil Superman

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Publisher Warner Bros Games
Developer Rocksteady Studios
PS5 (reviewed), Xbox Series X / S, PC
Out now
$69.99 / £69.99

Suicide Squad Kill nan Justice League review; a elephantine skull successful nan sky

Brainiac has invaded Earth, mind-controlled nan Justice League and is group connected world domination. (Image credit: Warner Bros)

Take nan creation direction, for nan astir portion nan imagination of Metropolis is simply a awesome thing, a collage of retro-futuristic Americana that depicts a metropolis of tomorrow beautifully, but nan alien-ness of Brainiac feels stripped from Zack Snyder's movies, its creeping purple integrated quality and nan villain's biotic, metallic over-design would beryllium comfortably wrong nan Snyder film-verse, but astatine likelihood successful this game's world.

The redeeming grace is, for nan astir part, you'll beryllium spending your clip successful nan neon haze of Metropolis, a abstraction littered pinch callbacks and callouts to DC's heroes, layered pinch design-accurate Art Deco posters and diners. And each this built successful Unreal Engine 4 - Rocksteady really are wizards erstwhile it comes to optimisation. But again that mismatch rears its head, while past Arkham maps from Rocksteady's Batman bid were live pinch secrets, collectibles and curiosities, Metropolis is empty, an abandoned abstraction successful request of content, nan benignant a unrecorded work and paid-for seasons will apt bring.

Likewise nan analyzable combat, designed astir combos, perks and buffs, nan grind for caller weapons and cogwheel to connection 0.1% much doodadery, matched to Rocksteady's talent for storytelling, characteristic improvement and world building, conscionable makes nan ngo design, nan worldly you do betwixt shooting for upgrades, consciousness blander.

Suicide Squad Kill nan Justice League review; 4 group guidelines successful beforehand of a atomic explosion

The solo communicative run is awesome nosy pinch immoderate wonderfully directed shots. (Image credit: Warner Bros)

When Rocksteady is capable to enforce itself connected nan unrecorded work genre it's chose nan crippled is, well… fun.

When Rocksteady is capable to enforce itself connected nan unrecorded work genre (a conception wherever nan guidelines crippled is expanded upon pinch paid-for content, specified arsenic Fortnite) nan crippled is, well… fun. The combat riffs connected nan ideas laid down earlier successful nan Arkham games; landing shots uninterrupted, conscionable arsenic kicks and punches were linked successful those Batman games, builds a combo gauge that successful move activates a group of typical attacks, buffs and perks.

A further Arkham hangover is nan antagonistic shot, erstwhile an force is astir to sprout you pinch their limb sparks and you person a little infinitesimal to antagonistic and stun them, leaving this force unfastened to follow-up attacks, which successful move merchandise collectibles aliases origin area impact damage.

There's a melee strategy utilized to daze enemies and scoop shield boosts; a further Poison Ivy-inspired 'afflictions' strategy buffs weapons pinch frost, frenzy and fire; each characteristic has 3 typical attacks, each of which usage nan aforesaid fastener layout arsenic Arkham; location are besides traversal attacks, squad eventual moves, and cogwheel sets that dovetail into everything and buff aliases debuff attacks, enemies, health, power, shields… It's so much.

Suicide Squad Kill nan Justice League review; a elephantine evil Batman

The Batman leader conflict recalls Arkham's Scarecrow encounters. (Image credit: Warner Bros)

The combat's complexity linked to nan game's gear, upgrades, characteristic and squad levelling each ensures nan existent point you do successful Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League, nan shooting, feels awesome and is unfastened to invention and experimentation.

The downside is, presently, Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League has a postulation of bland and repetitive ngo designs, a operation of nan aforesaid unrecorded work templates, specified arsenic timed arena horde fights, cod and retrieve missions, arsenic good escort and protect jaunts, that person have go staid successful truthful galore different games.

The post-story endgame is axenic grind, and feels for illustration a discarded of Rocksteady's effort to crowbar its measurement of doing things into a unrecorded work built astir play passes and nan request to gradually ratchet-up a character's stats. The endgame's main attraction is connected Finite Crisis, a bid of ngo reruns group successful alternate timelines, pinch nan extremity to scope 'mastery level' 10 - you tin rank past this trouble to make each ngo do-over much challenging, but yet your are doing nan aforesaid thing, again and again. 

Suicide Squad Kill nan Justice League review; a man attacks a elephantine creature

Each characteristic has a bespoke group of typical attacks that build to powerfulness arsenic you onshore combo shots. (Image credit: Warner Bros)

The Finite Crisis extremity crippled is conscionable very dull and is compounded because getting location is simply a batch of fun. In nan solo communicative run Rocksteady is capable to do what it does best, show a story, moreover if this does, astatine times, consciousness for illustration training wheels for that endgame. 

The Suicide Squad are a set of C-list villains - Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark and Captain Boomerang - brought together by nan one-note Amanda Waller, a stepping heavy authorities tick sheet, who forces them to 'kill nan Justice League' and prevention nan world from an alien invasion. The characters statesman arsenic irritants but done immoderate clever writing, nosy moving gags (Captain Boomerang's digit collection) and genuine bosom you'll soon travel to bask their company.

The emotion poured into bringing this formed of rogues to life, and nan gusto pinch which Rocksteady tears down DC's heroes - Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and The Flash - masks nan lacklustre ngo creation that extremity connected arena-set leader fights that repetition nan aforesaid process - counter-shoot a Justice Leaguer and past unleash you attacks. When nan credits rotation and each you person are nan aforesaid half-a-dozen played retired missions to rinse and repeat, Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League feels humdrum.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League review; a man looks retired complete a metropolis attacked by elephantine tentacles

The endgame Metropolis is simply a tonally different abstraction to nan lively neon-coloured metropolis you first encounter. (Image credit: Warner Bros)

Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League is simply a crippled of 2 halves, 2 competing creation ideas Rocksteady has spent 9 years wrangling together into thing that, presently, doesn't gel successful a wholly satisfying way.

The crippled is astatine its champion erstwhile Rocksteady is capable to beryllium itself arsenic a developer, whether that's done telling a rewarding communicative pinch colourful characters successful a vibrant fully-realised world, aliases successful its complex, layered and multifaceted combat that conscionable feels bully to play.

At its worst Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League is simply a dull extremity game. A trudging grind pinch obscurity to showcase nan combat and characters Rocksteady has crafted pinch specified skill. And nan sad point is, arsenic a unrecorded service, Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League is beautiful overmuch all endgame.

The crippled is its champion erstwhile Rocksteady is capable to beryllium itself arsenic a developer.

The halfway of thing bully is successful here, nan mobility is will Rocksteady beryllium capable to do what it does best, show stories wrong its unrecorded work universe? Not each games successful nan genre are soulless loot collectors and paid-for content, there's room wrong nan genre's template to create over-arching narratives, bring successful caller villains and one-time threats, and connection intent to conflict for rewards.

Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League could beryllium Rocksteady's gateway to a caller multiverse of endgame events and creativity, aliases it could beryllium an albatross astir a successful, imaginative developer. I'll beryllium crossing nan fingers Captain Boomerang has near maine pinch that Warner Bros will make nan correct call.

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Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League

The champion of Rocksteady anchored to a tired crippled creation trend, Suicide Squad: Kill nan Justice League is simply a muddle of ideas and approaches that has nan DNA of thing good, but tin it beryllium built upon?

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