These are the weirdest, cringiest and funniest 2024 Super Bowl ads

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A screenshot from an Apple Super Bowl 2024 advert

(Image credit: Apple Music)

Super Bowl LVIII is conscionable 1 time a way. And arsenic good arsenic seeing whether nan NFC's San Francisco 49ers or nan AFC's Kansas City Chiefs prevail connected nan transportation successful Sunday's game, we'll spot nan results of galore millions of dollars of trading spending successful nan shape of nan champion 2024 Super Bowl ads.

So who are nan contenders? Some brands person already fixed nan crippled away, arsenic it were, releasing afloat Super Bowl ads successful beforehand of nan large day. Others for illustration to support an constituent of anticipation and surprise, only posting trailers and teasers. Here's our prime of nan ones to look retired for, from nan cutest and astir powerful to nan arguable and conscionable plain weird (also spot our roundup of nan biggest Super Bowl creation controversies).

The (dis)utopian Microsoft Co-Pilot AI Super Bowl ad

Microsoft has gone each successful connected AI of late, and its Super Bowl advertisement intends to person america that this is paving nan measurement for a utopian early wherever creatives will beryllium capable to make their dreams travel true... by getting Copilot to nan do nan activity for them. The 'gritty' minute-long portion focuses connected nan hardship of creating while someway brushing complete nan truth that AI mightiness make galore skilled imaginative jobs obsolete.

The heartwarming Google Pixel 8 ad

AI is besides nan prima of Google's Super Bowl 2024 advertisement for nan Pixel 8, but Google shows a much wholly commendable facet of nan advances nan tech is making possible. This emotive advertisement shows really its AI-powered Guided Frame characteristic is improving accessibility. The portion is directed by nan unsighted filmmaker Adam Morse and intends to show really nan characteristic tin alteration nan acquisition of users pinch debased vision.

Uber Eats makes celebs forget

Thankfully, Uber Eats thought amended of utilizing AI to make its Super Bowl advertisement (that wouldn't person amazed america aft those Uber Eats AI photos of paper items). Instead, it's nan first of respective connected our database to walk portion of their colossal fund connected large sanction stars. The Beckhams are successful there, positive Jelly Roll and Usher (we'll spot much of him later) but astir notable is nan reunion of Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer from Friends. Only Jennifer doesn't look to callback them having met. The premise is thing astir having to hide things successful bid to retrieve that you tin bargain nutrient connected Uber Eats, which sells nan work astir arsenic good arsenic those AI paper photos.

Apple loses Usher

It whitethorn beryllium wholly accidental, but nan Uber Eats Super Bowl commercialized leads america smoothly into Apple's. Of course, Apple already has nan biggest Super Bowl advertisement of each since Apple Music is sponsoring nan half-time show, but, arsenic we saw astatine nan extremity of nan Uber Eats ad, Usher appears to person forgotten that he's owed to perform.

Apple hasn't released its last Super Bowl advertisement yet, but it has been teasing america pinch a star-studded comic caper that sees Tim Cook proceed to hone his acting skills arsenic Ludacris and co effort to way Usher down. It's besides followed up pinch an emotive trailer that has america hyped for nan half clip show (see below). But we expect location will beryllium much from nan tech giant, and surely an advertisement for Vision Pro?

Nerds presents a terrifying elephantine dancing gummy monster

In what could beryllium a segment from nan caller Ghostbusters movie, nan Nerds Super Bowl 2024 advertisement presents america pinch a elephantine dancing gummy, apparently trained to creation to Flashdance... What a Feeling by Addison Rae. The monster past covers himself successful Nerds. Eww!

Morgan Stanley babies talk stocks connected court

Continuing pinch nan creepier broadside of this year's Super Bowl commercials, we're not judge what we deliberation astir this spot showing a brace of toddlers talking finance portfolios while they play nan fad athletics pickleball. Part of maine thinks it's creepy and wants to dislike it, but it's truthful adorably executed that it's difficult not to chuckle.

Kate McKinnon' talking cat

Talking babies aliases talking cats, which is cutest? It's difficult to measurement which nan nationalist loves most, but Hellman's is going pinch a cat. After her occurrence connected Saturday Night Live and pinch Weird Barbie, Kate McKinnon is now trading mayonnaise. Despite sounding a spot cringeworthy, nan Hellman's ad's really rather endearing.

There's nary Mr T successful Skechers

What? There's nary 'T' successful nan Skechers marque name? Since when? I'm pinch Mr T connected this one. Learn to spell, fools!

Anthony Hopkins and STōk

There's much wry personage self-sendup present successful this poetic portion for STōK Cold Brew coffee. Sir Anthony Hopkins reveals nan challenges of his trade arsenic he prepares for nan slayer domiciled of Wrexham FC mascot Wrex nan Dragon, now an world personage acknowledgment to nan documentary bid Welcome to Wrexham.


Miami Dolphins backmost Tua Tagovailoa, Patrick Stewart, Drew Barrymore, Arnold (as successful Hey Arnold), Master Chief, Peppa Pig and Knuckles from Sonic The Hedgehog are stranded connected Mount Paramount. What are they going to do? Throw Arnold, Patrick Stewart suggests successful this brilliantly daft skit. They each look to person forgotten that Knuckles tin climb, but if specified a bizarre ensemble formed was brought together for a existent show based connected this scenario, it would really beryllium worthy subscribing to Paramount+ for (please not that we do not condone throwing children astatine cliff faces, moreover if they person heads that look for illustration footballs).

Chris Pratt stars arsenic nan Pringles mascot

Chris Pratt is astir known arsenic Star-Lord in nan Marvel Cinematic Universe and Owen Grady successful nan Jurassic World trilogy (2015–2022), but he's taken connected what will surely beryllium nan biggest and astir challenging domiciled of his profession for nan 2024 Super Bowl. He will play nan spot marque Pringles' celebrated mustachioed mascot Julius Pringles successful what I dream will beryllium a genuinely epic biopic.

We'll person to hold to spot nan afloat Pringles' opus, and of people to spot who wins nan Big Game now that nan Super Bowl logo conspiracy theory has travel unraveled.

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