Yes, Tesla really just recalled all of its cars over a font

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Tesla has been known to callback vehicles for various reasons, but this is nan first clip we've heard of 1 car getting recalled complete a font – fto unsocial 2.19M of them. Apparently nan size of its brake strategy warnings are excessively small, to nan constituent that they've fallen foul of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards guidelines.

As a result, Tesla has recalled each car it presently has connected nan road. The 'recall' is really conscionable a elemental over-the-air update, but it's not a awesome look for Tesla. As nan callback announcement says, "Warning lights pinch a smaller font size tin make captious information accusation connected nan instrumentality sheet difficult to read, expanding nan consequence of a crash." (Looking for immoderate nice, large typefaces? Check retired our roundup of nan champion free fonts.)

Tesla Model S

(Image credit: Tesla)

This isn't moreover nan first clip Tesla's on-screen warnings person required an update – backmost successful December, nan institution was forced to push retired an update to hole problems pinch its Autopilot software, expanding to "prominence and scope" of its controls.

“On affected vehicles, nan missive font size of nan Brake, Park, and Antilock brake strategy (ABS) ocular informing indicators is smaller than 3.2 mm (1/8 inch), arsenic prescribed successful FMVSS Nos. 105 and 135,” the callback announcement reads. 

Tesla informing symbols

(Image credit: Tesla)

Elon Musk himself has taken to Twitter (sorry, X) to expressed his ire astatine nan word "recall" being utilized to picture an OTA update. But there's a literal recall notice revenge by nan National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), so, yeah. Recall.

So erstwhile I saw this alteration successful 2023.44.30.13, I thought it's nary large deal, but apparently it is.(and if you are fortunate and Twitter fixed show of these transparent inheritance images, you could moreover spot nan differences, whitethorn be) 2, 2024

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From nan Cybertruck's rear end to nan spoon cipher asked for, Tesla has been uncovering each sorts of weird and awesome reasons to get roasted lately. But nan existent mobility is erstwhile nan Telsa logo itself is going to get recalled for resembling an IUD.

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