Visa Cash App RB: an autopsy of a rushed rebrand

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Racing Bulls F1 squad rebrand logo
(Image credit: Racing Bulls)

Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team has conscionable revealed its livery creation astatine a motorboat arena successful Las Vegas, but fans are still struggling to travel to position pinch a caller sanction that's arsenic confusing arsenic it is difficult to say. Below, Kathryn Orr, strategy head astatine Designit, picks isolated what went incorrect pinch what could beryllium nan worst Formula One rebranding that we've seen to date.

Formula 1 (F1) arsenic a marque has been successful nan accelerated lane complete caller years, going from spot to strength. With nan premiere of Formula 1: Drive to Survive (DTS) successful 2019, nan athletics cracked nan ever-elusive US audience, moving distant from nan “ringed fence” attack of nan erstwhile CEO Bernie Ecclestone, opening nan athletics up distant from its Eurocentric and elitist past. These moves paid dividends, pinch nan group’s stock value skyrocketing by arsenic overmuch arsenic 110% since nan premiere of DTS. 

However, arguably, nan crushed for this occurrence was group each nan measurement backmost successful 2017 pinch nan sports, astatine nan time, divisive, rebrand. Against this backdrop of really acold a successful rebrand tin transportation you, we’ve conscionable seen nan polar other return place, this clip pinch 1 of F1’s very ain teams. 

It’s worthy noting that F1 is nary alien to squad changes, nor is it a alien to corporatist names; Benson and Hedges Total Jordan Peugeot, for example, bagged 3 podiums successful 1997. So what went incorrect erstwhile AlphaTauri, a squad wallowing astatine nan backmost of nan grid, rebranded to Visa Cash App RB?

D.O.A brands

Visa Cash App RB Formula 1 Team livery

The Visa Cash App RB's VCARB 01 was revealed successful Las Vegas(Image credit: Visa Cash App RB)

By each accounts, this rebrand stalled from nan start, astatine slightest for nan fans. One Twitter/X personification summed up nan wide consensus, saying, ‘This genuinely has to beryllium nan astir diabolical sanction alteration successful sporting history. Imagine having to say, “I’m Yuki Tsunoda, and I thrust for Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team.”’

But why? Why did this sanction swipe fans nan incorrect way? Despite a wealthiness of corporatist names successful its past, F1 fans are still sports fans and activity to link pinch teams, not brands. Fans tolerate a definite level of firm influence, but 3 brands successful 1 title is simply a spot overmuch – moreover for F1. This rebrand is what happens erstwhile there’s a disconnect betwixt firm interests and marque identity.

Fundamentally, it’s not a bad rebrand; it’s alternatively sterile, yes, but its cardinal nonaccomplishment was ignoring nan discourse alternatively than a method failing of mediocre colour choices, ambiguous artwork, aliases illegible typeface. After all, nary marque exists successful isolation; it’s sewage to inhabit a peculiar spot successful nan public’s life.

The improvement of Visa Cash App RB F1 TeamMinardi > Toro Rosso > AlphaTauri > Visa Cash App RB 24, 2024

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Identifying nan origin of death

Summed up successful a sentence, nan logic this grounded was an ignorance of fans' wants and desires. Despite being a mouthful, nan sanction itself is conscionable 1 constituent of a brand. The surrounding elements, what they guidelines for, why they exist, and why fans should care, were each missing. There was thing to entreaty to nan fans emotionally. Looking astatine their website and reference nan property release, Visa and Red Bull speak only to nan benefits of nan business successful position of commercialized opportunities.

Where is nan hype video? Where is nan squad support and excitement that tin beryllium shared pinch fans? Where is nan communicative that connects nan sponsors and nan sport? The uncover itself is oftentimes nan deciding facet successful landing a rebrand. It’s not capable to switch complete URLs, and societal handles, and put retired a property release. Successful rebrands understand nan powerfulness of advocacy, of fostering excitement and energy-building buy-in astatine launch. One of nan drivers, Daniel Ricciardo, a man famed for his positivity and boundless energy, had an uncharacteristically muted consequence to nan rebrand, which speaks louder than immoderate instrumentality could, simply posting 5 words, “New name, caller colours, lezgobaybee."

Resuscitating nan brand

Luckily, each F1 squad has a marque reset built into its calendar. Every year, teams uncover their liveries for nan coming season, unveiling nan ocular personality of nan cars connected nan track. This is their infinitesimal for redemption, a chance for Visa Cash App RB, shortened to V-CARB (which is simply a batch amended name, let’s beryllium honest) internally astatine Red Bull, to correct nan wrongs of nan sanction uncover and really springiness nan squad an personality extracurricular of 3 corporations frankensteined together.

To make nan astir of this 2nd chance opportunity, they’d request to build immoderate hype, explicate why nan brands are coming together not successful nan discourse of slope balances but successful capacity connected nan track, convey that they understand nan gravitas of what this intends for nan squad that gave 5 title winners and 3 world champions their start, and possibly astir importantly, show appreciation to nan fans that support them each measurement of nan way. Or we could spot nan squad lineup renamed to Daniel “Verifi” Ricciardo and Yuki “Payworks” Tsunoda.

At this point, that wouldn’t astonishment me. But I stay hopeful.

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