These Victorian optical illusion postcards are freaking me out

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Victorian Skull optical illusions
(Image credit: @GotWeird via Instagram)

Optical illusions often locomotion nan statement betwixt cool and creepy – there's thing rather for illustration having nan deceptiveness of our ain brains pointed retired to make america commencement questioning everything. But they get moreover weirder pinch nan summation of immoderate bully aged uncanny Victorian photography. And immoderate skulls thrown successful for bully measure.

Yep, immoderate Victorian era postcards person precocious gone viral connected Instagram, and they show really nan nationalist penchant for illusions agelong predates nan internet. We've seen vintage skull-based optical illusions before, but these mightiness beryllium nan creepiest yet. There's conscionable thing unsettling astir Victorian children. 

"Optical illusion skull postcards were incredibly celebrated successful nan early 1900s successful Europe," explains nan celebrated @GotWeird account. "They were Vanitas aliases Memento Mori - Intended to origin nan spectator to bespeak connected nan inevitability of mortality and nan consequent foolishness of each quality ambition." And, yeah, these are surely making maine bespeak connected nan inevitability of mortality much than that rotating horse ever did.

From penguins successful space to floating planes, we've seen each mode of weird and awesome optical illusions recently. For immoderate of nan champion examples successful 1 place, cheque retired nan champion optical illusions of each time.

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