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Facebook logo
(Image credit: Facebook)

Today is Facebook's 20th birthday, which intends nan societal media level is astir apt astatine assemblage correct now. Ironic, since that's wherever it each started – famously initially a 'campus' app, Facebook has arguably, for amended aliases worse, since changed nan full conception of online relationships. But 1 point that hasn't changed a immense magnitude is Facebook's logo.

Since 2004, Facebook's colour has been blue, and that's still nan lawsuit present and now successful 2024. But successful nan past 20 years, we've seen nan institution alteration its sanction and wordmark a fewer times, astir precocious successful 2021 (although you mightiness person to squint to spot nan quality pinch that one.) Here's really nan logo has changed complete nan years – and if you're looking for much creation inspiration, cheque retired nan best logos of each time.

Facebook logo: 2004

Facebook logo

(Image credit: Facebook)

If you've seen The Social Network, you'll astir apt retrieve Justin Timberlake telling Jessie Eisenberg to "Drop nan 'the'". Before Facebook, location was thefacebook, and its each lowercase wordmark astir apt wouldn't look retired of spot coming (although those parenthesis are beautiful dated). 

While nan blue-on-blue mightiness look an overseas choice, according to 1000logos, it has a ground successful Mark Zuckerberg's colourblindness. Apparently nan laminitis "suffered deuteranopia – red-green colour blindness. However, he could (and can) separate betwixt shades of bluish astir of america usually cannot detect."

Facebook logo: 2005

Facebook logo

(Image credit: Facebook)

This 1 lasted a full decade. When thefacebook go Facebook, a caller wordmark arrived, offering a bespoke return connected Eric Olson's Klavika font. It's a reasonably elemental logo, though nan angled descenders are still recognisable today.

Facebook logo: 2015

Facebook logo

(Image credit: Facebook)

10 years later, Facebook unveiled subtle changes to its typography, pinch notably rounded 'a' and 'b' characters. At this point, nan navy bluish and achromatic colour strategy remained unchanged.

Facebook logo: 2019

Facebook logo

(Image credit: Facebook)

Facebook inverted its colour palette successful 2019, switching from white-on-blue to blue-on-white. The blue, meanwhile, took connected a notably lighter shade. 

Facebook logo: 2023

Facebook logo

(Image credit: Meta/Future)

Last year, Facebook unveiled a subtle update to its monogram icon. The institution called it "a bolder look of Facebook's halfway blue", and that conscionable astir sums it up – it's much blue. Gone is nan subtle gradient, replaced alternatively pinch a single, level shade. 

If you're looking for much societal media logo histories, return a look astatine nan history of nan Instagram logo, and nan history of nan YouTube logo.

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