Sonic 3 movie logo confirms fans' biggest hopes

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Sonic 3 logo
(Image credit: Paramount)

For 2 years now, Paramount has been teasing america pinch what's coming successful nan Sonic 3 movie. The astonishment ending of Sonic 2 suggested that a celebrated characteristic will beryllium making an appearance, and respective teasers person been backing that up. 

Now a glimpse of nan animated logo for nan movie – and nan accompanying caption – time off nary uncertainty that Shadow, Sonic's arch rival created by Dr Robotnik to beryllium nan 'Ultimate Life Form', will beryllium a large portion of nan movie (for much video crippled inspiration, spot our prime of nan best anime games).

You each thought I was gone, but I’ve conscionable been underground. What you’ve seen from maine is only a #shadow of things to come… 2, 2024

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The melodramatic post-credits segment successful Sonic 2 near fans pinch precocious expectations for nan quality of nan brooding antihero successful nan travel up, which will again blend unrecorded action and animation. More recently, a station shared connected societal media successful December gave america a glimpse of what appeared to beryllium Shadow's shoes, which capable to nonstop fans into a frenzy.

Now, we person nan animated logo for nan movie and it appears to travel nan guidance of nan erstwhile film's designs by hinting astatine a characteristic successful nan number. The Sonic 2 logo featured a creation resembling nan characteristic Tails, and it's been speculated that nan reddish and achromatic of nan Sonic 3 logo represents Shadow. The creation looks a small for illustration nan logo for Sonic Adventure 2, which featured Shadow nan Hedgehog rather heavily.

Oh…it’s highest 2, 2024

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So is Shadow successful Sonic nan Hedgehog 3? I deliberation we tin safely opportunity not that it's looking beautiful definite that he is. Any uncertainty would look to beryllium quashed by nan caption utilized by nan official relationship connected X, which posted: "What you’ve seen from maine is only a #shadow of things to come." 

Sonic 3 is owed to beryllium released connected 20 December 2024. For caller creation wins from nan movie sector, spot our favourite movie posters of nan twelvemonth truthful acold and nan caller Madame Web posters.

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