Pepsi trolls Coca-Cola again in provocative new campaign

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An advert for Pepsi Max Australia that shows a Coca-Cola tin pinch nan building 'OK' visible
(Image credit: Pepsi Max Australia)

Pepsi vs Coke is nan biggest conflict successful soft drinks, and Pepsi's conscionable launched different salvo. Its 'Tastes OK' run successful Australia is twist connected nan existing 'Tastes Better' tagline, which has made immoderate clever usage of optical illusions successful nan past to find nan Pepsi logo hiding successful nan packaging of brands nan banal its rival.

This time, it intends to constituent retired a creation flaw of sorts successful Coca-Cola's ain logo and packaging: nan phrases 'OK' hidden successful plain show successful nan Coke name. Why settee for 'OK' erstwhile you could take Pepsi Max?, nan run invites group to inquire themselves.

An advert for Pepsi Max Australia that shows a Coca-Cola tin pinch nan building 'OK' visible

(Image credit: Pepsi Max Australia)

The run covers OOH ads, people and social. Creative directors Simon Gibson and Nils Eberhardt from nan imaginative agency Special said successful a release: “Getting briefed to activity connected the ‘Tastes Better’ campaign is breathtaking and intimidating successful adjacent measure. It’s specified a bold and nonstop statement and it’s led to awesome activity successful nan past, truthful we each knew we needed to do thing that lived up to it. Then, our competitor did it for us. We saw an image they put retired into nan world and noticed thing we couldn’t unsee.”

Vandita Pandey, main trading serviceman Australia and New Zealand for snacks and beverages astatine PepsiCo, said, “We person agelong known that Pepsi Max tastes amended than our main competitor and this latest run helps america reenforce our position arsenic a challenger brand."

It's bold and amusing, but it's besides a risky strategy. It gives a batch of vulnerability to nan rival marque successful that Coca-Cola really appears much visibly than Pepsi successful nan ads. So firmly adopting nan position of a situation marque is besides risky successful itself.  It puts Pepsi successful threat of becoming Burger King, which seems to walk astir of its trading power and fund connected trolling McDonald's alternatively than connected establishing its ain identity.

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