People are ridiculing this AI Wonder Woman 3 concept trailer

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An image from a Wonder Woman 3 conception generated by AI
(Image credit: Acknowledge A.I)

AI video generators person been improving astatine a staggering speed. That truth is evident successful a caller conception video for an imaginary Wonder Woman 3 film. But nan 'trailer' besides demonstrates really constricted nan tech still is. 

The video chiefly involves characters opinionated astir and blankly staring into space. That's possibly that's not really cardinal miles distant from immoderate existent movie trailers, but nan portion is attracting a batch of ridicule online (see our prime of nan best AI creation generators to study much astir generative AI tech).

AI generated a caller Wonder Woman 3 trailer… 5, 2024

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Shared connected X by nan Acknowledge AI relationship and apparently made utilizing Pika, nan video feels awkward and uncanny. What are nan characters looking at, group wonder? Montages of characters starting pensively into nan region is simply a reasonably regular trope successful existent trailers. it's utilized to get successful each nan main actors's faces while generating nan anticipation that thing BIG is happening. But erstwhile it's overused, and done by AI, it's conscionable creepy.

There are plentifulness of nan accustomed AI glitches too, including repeated characters (a multiverse Easter egg, perhaps?). Voice character Kat Loveland commented: "Oooh a bunch of still photos that you zoom successful and retired connected bad articulator matching. You could virtually do this by manus successful immoderate movie editing package already. Wow. Such progress! Also, since AI stole each nan copyrighted movie images, besides breaking nan law." "Wow, that was really worthy nan c footprint. Not," nan creator Kyle T Webster quipped.

Fans aren't impressed by nan suggested narration betwixt Batman and Wonder Woman. And nan portion has besides generated nan inevitable statement astir Gal Gadot’s acting. "It’s funny that nan only portion of this that useful is nan AI perfectly emulating nan soullessness of Gal Gadot’s acting, 1 personification claimed. "It sounds for illustration Gal Gadot doing an audio book reference not narration for a movie," personification other said.

The portion is unarguably a unspeakable trailer, but astatine nan aforesaid time, I person to admit that not overmuch much than a twelvemonth ago, we would person been blown distant to spot AI make video that's moreover remotely watchable. Perhaps it's nan studios who request to up their game. "Still amended than Justice League, The Flash, Shazam 1 and 2, Aquaman 2. Thats really bad DC is correct now," 1 personification argued.

For much AI news, spot Google's caller AI image generator ImageFX, and for existent upcoming leader movies, spot nan stunning Madame Web posters.

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