NBA's new LED court has to be seen to be believed

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NBA LED court

(Image credit: NBA/Future)

The NBA has unveiled a marque caller tribunal that will beryllium utilized for its All Star 2024 events, and it's perfectly wild. Basically a elephantine interactive screen, nan solid LED tribunal displays various ocular effects (plus, 1 tin imagine, an advertisement aliases two). 

The caller surface (sorry, court) intends players will beryllium playing connected solid for nan first time. Aside from nan mobility of really shatterproof it mightiness be, nan full point looks consecutive retired of Blade Runner – and surely puts nan best 4K monitors to shame (which, astatine 94 feet wide, you mightiness expect).

"The high-performance, immersive sports level is designed to heighten nan instrumentality acquisition in-arena and connected broadcast done its interactive displays," NBA announced connected its website.  "During each event, ocular effects displayed connected nan tribunal will see nan following: Design and colour changes, unrecorded replays and different video content, real-time crippled stats, location-based subordinate search animations, interactive games for fans during timeouts and immersive animations pursuing cardinal plays and moments." Developed by nan German institution ASB GlassFloor, nan tribunal features two layers of laminated information glass, pinch LED panels providing nan imagery.

If you're looking for much NBA creation features, return a look astatine our roundup of nan best NBA logos of each time.

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