Meta Quest just gatecrashed the Apple Vision Pro launch party

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A mockup showing Meta Quest spatial video support
(Image credit: Meta)

Today was expected to beryllium each astir nan Apple Vision Pro. It's nan charismatic motorboat day for Apple's mixed reality headset, pinch units owed to commencement shipping successful nan US aft pre-orders opened past month. But it seems nan Meta Quest has conscionable gatecrashed nan party.

Mark Zuckerberg's rival VR headset has announced nan merchandise of its v62 package update, and it includes spatial video support for illustration Apple's offering. That intends it will beryllium imaginable to usage nan Quest Pro aliases Quest 2 aliases 3 to position 3D footage captured pinch iPhone 15 Pro aliases Apple Vision Pro via nan Meta Quest mobile app (see our Meta Quest 3 review for much connected Meta's headset).

As good arsenic support for spatial video, nan Meta Quest v62 package update besides introduces pinch gestures for paper navigation, again for illustration nan Vision Pro. Users will beryllium capable to pinch and merchandise to unfastened nan cosmopolitan paper aliases pinch and clasp to recenter nan headset view. The update is expected to rotation retired adjacent week, starting February 7.

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth announced nan characteristic connected his Instagram and Threads channels, while Zuckerberg himself shared a short clip from a Quest headset showing a spatial video of immoderate trees connected his Instagram broadcast transmission (reposted connected X below). Meta is besides sharing spatial video demos to fto users commencement to effort nan characteristic out.

Here’s an early look astatine Spatial Video playback connected nan Quest, coming soon successful v62 update. 1, 2024

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Other updates successful v62 see support successful nan Meta Quest Browser for outer gamepads (PlayStation, Xbox and others), Facebook livestreaming, and nan action to position YouTube chats while streaming. Updates to Quest Link see support for 120Hz refresh rates successful compatible games, and a continuity characteristic will let nan resumption of tasks successful different apps erstwhile moving crossed experiences.

Early Apple Vision Pro reviewers successful nan US mostly work together that it's nan champion headset they've used. But it costs $3,499 (about £2,760) and there's still nary merchandise day for nan remainder of nan world. The Meta Quest 3 starts astatine $499 ($479) and nan Meta Quest Pro $999 (£689) astatine afloat price. See nan champion prices successful your area below.

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