Leaks for the Pixel Fold 2 suggest Google is heading in a new direction

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Google Pixel Fold
(Image credit: Google)

Amid different information of rumours that Apple is moving connected a foldable iPhone, recently leaked images propose that Google is already miles up of nan crippled pinch a second-generation Google Pixel Fold successful nan works. Samsung has group nan modular of foldable smartphones beautiful high, and this glimpse astatine a imaginable Google Pixel Fold 2 is looking little on-brand for Google and much for illustration a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 if you inquire me. 

The leaked image, courtesy of Android Authority, was provided by an anonymous root and only shows nan backmost of nan assumed device. It's a small dark, but we still get a vague thought of nan recently designed camera module which could either beryllium a quad-cam setup aliases a rework of nan erstwhile triple-lens unit.

Some of nan best camera phones on nan marketplace are made by Google, and nan original Google Pixel Fold is nary objection to this, pinch an awesome triple rear camera portion mixed pinch Google's astonishing AI photograph features. This leaked creation ditches nan flat-lay visor camera barroom connected nan erstwhile Pixel Fold exemplary for what looks for illustration a raised-edge bumper design. 

Pixel Fold 2 leak

The original Google Pixel Fold (left) and nan latest Pixel Fold 2 leak (right). (Image credit: Android Authority )

Some group dislike having their telephone cameras instrumentality retired for illustration this, but from my understanding, it mightiness really beryllium safer for your lenses to flick retired a small successful this measurement to debar surface-level scratches – and usually, nan bumper tin sorb immoderate effect caused by a driblet aliases collision, nan aforesaid measurement telephone cases do. 

The caller leaked instrumentality besides appears to person a somewhat narrower shape facet which could beryllium an effort to support a slimmer facet ratio and boost solution for streaming apps. I for illustration nan sleek achromatic look too, which would decidedly make a alteration from Google's accustomed pastel-colour handsets. 

We cognize that it's early days yet and nan alleged Google Pixel Fold 2 (if it really exists) mightiness person immoderate much tricks up its sleeve, truthful we're taking this leak pinch a pinch of brackish until we get an charismatic announcement. For now, possibly cheque retired nan best flip phones connected nan marketplace instead.

Plus, we're now 5 years into nan marketplace without thing actual from Apple amid tons of speculation. We don't clasp overmuch assurance that a folding iPhone (or moreover a folding iPad) will beryllium announced anytime soon. 

What astir sliding phones? Remember those BlackBerrys pinch pop-out keyboards and twisting screens?  Now that's thing I'd buy. Which shaper do we foretell will person nan first sliding phone? Hint: It's not Apple. 

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