Leaked iPhone 16 design is giving me major 2017 vibes

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iPhone 16 render
A fan-made render of nan iPhone 16 (left) and iPhone 16 Pro (right) (Image credit: AppleHub via Twitter)

Over nan past fewer years of iPhone design, it seems Apple has liked to move successful cycles. Back successful 2020 nan institution unveiled nan flat-edged iPhone 12, which echoed nan iPhones 4 and 5, past things went afloat circle pinch past year's much rounded iPhone 15. And if caller leaks are thing to spell by, Apple is group to return a leafage retired of its ain history books again.

Leaked schematics (below) propose nan iPhone 16 will adopt a vertical camera layout, doing distant pinch nan diagonal creation we've seen since 2021. And pinch a slimmer cutout, nan full point looks powerfully reminiscent of 2017's iPhone X. (In nan marketplace for caller gear? Check retired nan champion iPhone 15 deals disposable now.)

iPhone 16 schematics

(Image credit: @MajinBuOfficial via Twitter)

We've already heard that Apple is prototyping three different designs for nan iPhone 16, but it seems nan institution has settled connected a type pinch a slim camera layout. The pill-shaped cutout depicted successful caller renders looks conscionable for illustration that of nan iPhone X (back erstwhile Apple's 'Pro' phones had 2 lenses alternatively of three), and pinch those rounded edges, it could genuinely lucifer nan 2017 device.  

These are nan expected designs of nan iPhone 16 lineup truthful acold While nan guidelines iPhone 16 could characteristic a caller camera design, nary awesome creation changes are expected for nan iPhone 16 Pro models different than larger displays pic.twitter.com/2He0Ikh78tFebruary 7, 2024

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Elsewhere, nan leaked creation suggests nan Action Button, presently constricted to nan iPhone 15 Pro, will beryllium making its measurement to nan full iPhone 16 statement up, on pinch nan summation of a caller 'Capture' button, dedicated to shooting video. 

Time will show precisely what's successful shop for nan iPhone statement up successful 2024 – for each leak successful 1 place, cheque retired our roundup of iPhone 16 rumours. And successful nan meantime, we're still trying to get utilized to seeing Vision Pro successful public.

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