It seems Adobe's given up on UI design (for now)

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(Image credit: Adobe)

When Adobe and Figma called disconnected their merger successful December, it near Adobe without a UI creation tool. The imaginative package elephantine had efficaciously abandoned Adobe XD earlier closing nan merger, halting individual income of nan programme and making nary awesome updates.

With nan acquisition cancelled owed to regulatory pressure, we were wondering if Adobe XD mightiness get resurrected. But Adobe has now ruled that out, and it seems location are nary plans for a replacement either (see our Adobe package list to spot nan main programs that Adobe presently develops).

Bloomberg has reported that Adobe XD will stay successful 'maintenance mode' but will get nary much investment. Adobe says it will proceed to support existing customers but won't beryllium making immoderate awesome updates. 

The Adobe website says: "We want to punctual you that Adobe XD continues to beryllium successful attraction mode. This intends that we're not investing successful ongoing improvement aliases shipping caller features wrong nan product. We proceed to support existing customers by addressing bugs and updating immoderate information aliases privateness needs while successful attraction mode."

Adobe’s multi-billion dollar woody to by Figma attracted operation reactions. Some Adobe users hoped it would mean nan champion of some worlds, but location was interest among Figma users that they mightiness spot pricing increase, aliases that they could moreover extremity up having to subscribe to Creative Cloud (see nan champion prices successful your area below). Finally, nan woody was called disconnected owed regulators' position that it would create a monopoly.

However, nan reality is that Adobe had already begun to disinvest successful XD agelong earlier it reached an statement pinch Figma, and nan package already felt for illustration it had slipped down competitors among nan best UI creation tools. While Adobe has made it clear it won't effort to resurrect XD nor motorboat a caller UI creation instrumentality of its ain to compete pinch Figma, it says it is "open to exploring partnerships" successful nan space. We wonderment whether that intends collaborations aliases different acquisition attempts.

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