Google's quietly launched a free AI image generator that gives users a helping hand

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An image promoting nan Google AI image generator ImageFX
(Image credit: Google)

Just really galore AI image generators does nan world need? At slightest 1 more, Google thinks. It's conscionable launched ImageFX (not to beryllium confused pinch our sister publication, nan bestselling integer creation mag ImagineFX), and it's nan tech giant's first dedicated text-to-image instrumentality that nan wide nationalist tin use.

Google reckons ImageFX is different acknowledgment to its “expressive chips". That sounds elaborate, but it's fundamentally a usability that provides suggestions that you tin usage to modify your matter prompt. These travel successful nan shape of dropdown lists and, according to Google, let users to "quickly research pinch adjacent dimensions of your creation and ideas."

Try ImageFX, a caller image-generation instrumentality powered by our AI exertion Imagen 2. ✨This research successful @LabsDotGoogle takes prompting to a caller level, offering further suggestions done dropdown lists - helping make & modify visuals much easily. → 2, 2024

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ImageFX is powered by Imagen 2, Google DeepMind’s existing text-to-image model. But while Imagen 2 itself is disposable only for approved Google Cloud customers utilizing Vertex AI (not to beryllium confused pinch Vertex 2024, our ain CG creation event), ImageFX is being made disposable to wide nationalist for free (at slightest for now).

From immoderate of nan early comparisons shared connected societal media, it doesn't look to execute nan aforesaid levels of realism arsenic Midjourney. However, immoderate group are saying that nan cleanable personification interface unsocial makes it 1 of nan nicest AI image generators to use.

👍 Great UX👍 Prompt proposal idea👍 Prompt AdherencyIt's truthful soft UI makes it nan champion among matter to image AI LLMs. 2, 2024

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ImageFX is disposable successful Google's AI Test Kitchen,  a level that permits usage of to Google's AI projects while they’re still successful development. However, it's only accessible successful nan US, Kenya, New Zealand and Australia truthful far, and only successful English. Images generated pinch nan instrumentality (audio made pinch nan AI euphony instrumentality MusicFX) are tagged pinch a integer watermark, SynthID, and IPTC metadata to explain that they were made by AI.

Google continues to tread much cautiously than immoderate different developers of AI image generators, imposing comparatively strict controls and rolling retired entree slow arsenic it tests really its devices execute successful use. It has now added free AI image procreation successful its Bard AI chatbot successful astir parts of nan world, but nan results from ImageFX look to beryllium acold amended than those produced successful Bard astatine nan moment.

For much connected AI, spot our prime of nan champion AI creation tutorials.

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