Did Martin Scorsese's Super Bowl ad just prove the importance of web design?

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An image of a man successful a crowd from nan Squarespace Super Bowl ad
(Image credit: Squarespace)

During Sunday's Super Bowl successful Las Vegas, nan adverts will surely beryllium dissected arsenic overmuch arsenic nan play connected field. And 1 of nan contenders hoping to make an belief is nan web creation institution Squarespace pinch non-other than Hollywood fable Martin Scorsese.

Scorsese directed and starred successful nan 30-second commercial, which depicts nan presence of aliens connected Earth going wholly ignored. Until nan visitors motorboat a website, that is. It's an amusing communicative that points retired a truth of integer connection successful 2024. See our afloat roundup for each of nan champion 2024 Super Bowl ads, and spot our prime of nan best website builders for photography if you request a tract yourself.

Hello Down There opens by showing group truthful preoccupied pinch nan accordant watercourse of integer contented connected their devices that they miss nan extraterrestrials' attempts to make contact. The intergalactic visitors go progressively frustrated, until they opt for a Squarespace website. 

It's nan first clip Scorsese has directed a Super Bowl ad. There are different pieces too, including a comedic short film featuring Martin Scorsese and his girl Francesca discussing nan creation of a Squarespace website, echoing their contented connected TikTok. Francesca besides directed a behind-the-scenes look astatine nan production.

The premise is fun. The statement suggests that there's truthful overmuch AI-created delirium connected societal media these days that a website is nan only measurement to guidelines retired supra nan sound and summation credibility. Because a website has to beryllium real, right?

That mightiness sound doubtful, and nan advertisement could besides beryllium seen arsenic a disapproval of today's integer culture. But location is immoderate truth successful it. A batch of freelancers and moreover immoderate afloat fledged agencies determine to beforehand themselves coming only via societal platforms, but nan reality is that a website still provides much weight and nan elasticity to really pass a message. When it comes to investigating credentials, galore clients still want to spot a website to cheque a business is nan existent deal.

Alas, sadly moreover Squarespace, which tops our ain guideline to nan best website builder for artists, doesn't supply that magic fastener that nan aliens person to automatically redirect each user's browser to your site.

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