Burger King's AI image generator is actually totally on brand

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An image of an AI-generated Burger King Whopper
(Image credit: Burger King)

AI image generators person already created immoderate whoppers complete nan past twelvemonth aliases so. Remember nan image of nan Pope successful a puffer jacket? Or nan various AI images that won photograph competitions? But now Burger King is utilizing generative AI to create Whoppers pinch a superior 'W'. 

The accelerated nutrient elephantine has launched its ain AI image generator arsenic portion of its Million Dollar Whopper campaign. Fans are invited to take their dream ingredients for nan cleanable burger. The AI will past navigator them up into an image showing what nan creation could look like.

The run takes nan shape of a title to creation a caller Whopper. Participants tin take up to 8 toppings, including options that Burger King doesn’t presently use. The choices are first presented arsenic typographic Whoppers. Once you're happy pinch circuit invention, nan AI will make an image of what nan burger mightiness look for illustration successful existent life.

Three finalists will beryllium invited to Burger King’s HQ successful Miami to cleanable their creations up of a nationwide sensation test. The last 3 burgers will beryllium put to a nationalist vote, and nan wide victor will prime up a whopping (sorry) $1 cardinal prize.

An image from Burger King's AI Million Dollar Whopper campaign

(Image credit: Burger King)

It whitethorn sound bizarre for a fastfood marque to motorboat its ain AI image generator. As we person noted earlier amid a bizarre lawsuit of Uber Eats utilizing AI images of paper items, nutrient photography is really an area you want to support AI distant from, astatine slightest erstwhile it comes to nan dishes themselves. But this run really sits perfectly pinch Burger King's long-running 'Have it Your Way' tagline, which launched measurement backmost successful 1973. It makes usage of a caller exertion to use that aforesaid conception for a modern assemblage successful a much interactive and engaging way.

Pat O’Toole, nan brand's main trading officer, said: “Burger King is all astir Having It Your Way, and this title is simply a existent embodiment of that. More than 50% of Guests customize their Whopper sandwich, and now, nan possibilities of what those customizations see are endless. And, whether aliases not your Whopper ends up successful restaurants nationwide, we’re giving guests nan opportunity to acquisition and stock their creation utilizing nan powerfulness of AI technology.”

To beryllium honest, it's besides conscionable refreshing to spot Burger King spell backmost to moving a run that doesn't impact trolling McDonald's.

The title is only moving successful nan US and you person to beryllium a Burger King Royal Perks personnel to return part. Entries adjacent connected 17 March.

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