Apple iPhone 16: Everything we know, from features to design

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iPhone concept
A fan-made render of a early iPhone model (Image credit: Antonio De Rosa)

After a fewer years of beautiful incremental updates, nan iPhone 15 statement up was amazingly impressive. This September's releases included nan iPhone 15 Pro, nan first iPhone to battalion a titanium assemblage and customisable Action Button. But moreover nan modular exemplary packed a punch successful 2023, pinch coveted caller features for illustration nan Dynamic Island making their measurement to nan 'budget' version. So, nan iPhone 16 scope is going to person large shoes to capable tis year. 

Rumours astir nan adjacent procreation of iPhone are beautiful scarce correct now, but if erstwhile years person taught america anything, that won't past for long. And earlier nan iPhone 15 had moreover launched, we'd started to perceive 1 aliases 2 tidbits astir its successor. We'll support this page updated pinch each rumour and leak arsenic they travel in, and if you don't fancy waiting, return a look astatine nan champion iPhone 15 deals disposable now.

iPhone 15 Pro colours

The iPhone 15 Pro is nan first titanium iPhone  (Image credit: Apple )

iPhone 16: Design

A grey titanium iPhone 15 Pro camera telephone connected a woody desk

Is nan iPhone astir to get even bigger? (Image credit: Future)

One of nan much persistent rumours astir nan iPhone 16 suggests we're successful for bigger surface sizes this clip around. Various leakers person suggested nan iPhone 16 Pro will person a 6-3-inch display, while nan iPhone 16 Pro Max will scope 6.9 inches. These are successful opposition to nan existent respective Pro and Pro Max sizes of 6.1 and 6.7 inches. 

Another, somewhat little notable rumour concerns nan camera layout. Apparently Apple mightiness beryllium readying to do distant pinch nan existent diagonal lens layout connected nan modular model, returning to a vertical statement past seen connected nan iPhone 12.

And arsenic always, location are rumours that adjacent twelvemonth could beryllium nan twelvemonth that Apple yet goes decently all-screen. Nobody liked nan notch, and nan Dynamic Island is simply a decent discuss – but it's still a basal evil designed to location nan beforehand camera and FaceID sensor. But pinch moreover notable Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo suggesting 2024 is nan twelvemonth we'll spot an all-screen iPhone, it mightiness conscionable happen.

iPhone 16: Specs and features

A grey titanium iPhone 15 Pro camera telephone connected a woody desk

Expect to spot USB-C again, which Apple begrudgingly adopted this twelvemonth (Image credit: Future)

Intel connected nan features is moreover scarcer, but we've heard 1 aliases 2 rumours. The first is that Apple could beryllium readying to, finally, fto nan full iPhone statement up bask its 120hz 'ProMotion' refresh complaint successful 2024. Fans person been crying retired for this for years, pinch 60hz beautiful measly for a smartphone these days. Currently, only nan Pros person ProMotion, but for illustration nan Dynamic Island, it could go modular rumor crossed nan full statement up. But we've besides heard contrary rumours that Apple is still planning to instrumentality to 60hz for nan basal iPhone 16, which seems pretty ridiculous.

We've besides heard that Apple is readying to present its own, custom designed battery. This could beryllium arsenic game-changing arsenic Apple silicon, offering massively enhanced efficiency. 

iPhone 16: Release day and price

iPhone 15 colours

We're not expecting to spot overmuch alteration successful position of value (Image credit: Apple )

While nan creation and features of nan adjacent iPhone are ever unfastened to a ton of speculation, merchandise day and value has remained beautiful predictable successful caller years. In truth nan only clip Apple didn't merchandise a caller iPhone successful September was successful 2020, erstwhile nan coronavirus pandemic pushed things each nan measurement backmost to... October. So, we tin safely expect an September 2024 merchandise day for nan iPhone 16.

As for price, small has changed location too. The iPhone 15 starts astatine £799 / $799 / AU$1499, nan iPhone 15 Pro astatine £999 / $999 / AU$1849 and nan iPhone 15 Pro Max astatine £1199 / $1199 / AU$2199. With these prices beautiful overmuch unchanged from nan iPhone 14 statement up, it seems reasonable to expect things will stay successful nan aforesaid ballpark for nan iPhone 16.

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