9 brands that are viewed differently in different countries

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(Image credit: KFC, Volvo, 7-Eleven, The North Face, Nestlé, Stella Artois, Strongbow, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Disney)

For 1 logic aliases another, immoderate brands are perceived otherwise successful different countries. Perhaps a institution is wildly celebrated successful 1 state arsenic a premium brand, but is seen arsenic unremarkable successful another, for example. This mightiness beryllium down to taste quirks, clever advertising, aliases really nan marque fits into nan market. 

Of course, location are immoderate immense iconic brands, for illustration McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, wherever trading and marque cognition don’t really disagree to a immense extent, but this isn’t nan lawsuit for astir brands.

Here, I return a look astatine immoderate of nan biggest and astir absorbing differences successful marque cognition by country. My database doesn't see nan best logos successful nan world, and these brands (like many) aren't needfully pursuing nan latest logo creation trends, but location are immoderate large names here.

01. KFC

KFC logo

(Image credit: KFC)

KFC has been celebrated successful nan US for decades, and soon branched retired crossed nan world starting pinch countries for illustration Canada, nan UK, nan Philippines and Mexico. In a batch of markets, peculiarly successful nan West, KFC is seen arsenic a convenient, reliable fast-food action – but possibly not thing you’d take for a typical occasion.

However, KFC is immense successful Japan. The state is its third-largest marketplace aft nan US and China, and residents often bid KFC for parties and societal events. Most notably, crossed nan past 5 decades, KFC has go a Christmas contented for galore Japanese people. This was down to ‘KFC for Christmas’ advertizing campaigns, showing conscionable really emphatic a successful run tin beryllium – Christmas Eve accounts for astir 5% of KFC’s yearly gross successful nan country.

02. Strongbow

Strongbow logo

(Image credit: Strongbow)

In nan UK, Strongbow is often seen arsenic a cheaper cider marque aimed astatine young pint-drinking adults, and successful its early days, it was marketed arsenic a cider for men – an replacement to beer.

A fewer years ago, a fewer societal media users and news outlets poked nosy astatine nan differences successful trading and marque cognition betwixt nan UK and nan US wherever Strongbow is concerned. In nan US, Strongbow is marketed arsenic a portion to bask pinch friends, often successful smaller glasses and pinch ice. And, location are much women coming successful its US ads.

Dying astatine nan differences betwixt Strongbow’s UK & US trading pic.twitter.com/u0Bhyh1sFCMay 11, 2018

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03. Volvo

Volvo logo

(Image credit: Volvo)

The Swedish conveyance shaper Volvo is often thought of arsenic being a reliable, safe, high-quality brand. According to a 2013 study, Swedish and American respondents utilized words for illustration ‘safe’, ‘reliable’, ‘durable’, and ‘practical’ to picture Volvo, pinch galore besides associating nan marque pinch family.

Chinese respondents shared akin thoughts. However, they besides described Volvo arsenic being costly and upscale, and said that Volvo’s vehicles are usually driven by men. As a result, nan connotations Volvo has differed betwixt antheral and female respondents – Chinese women described nan thought of driving a Volvo arsenic exciting, possibly owed to nan marque being associated pinch men successful nan country.

04. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon logo

(Image credit: Pabst Blue Ribbon)

Pabst Blue Ribbon has been a celebrated brew prime successful nan US for years, if not a peculiarly highbrow one. It’s often associated pinch hipsters, Midwesterners, and blue-collar workers, pinch state artists for illustration Johnny Russell and Zac Brown mentioning it successful their lyrics. 

But while it’s considered an inexpensive, non-fancy action successful its autochthonal US, it’s an expensive, premium marque successful China. Known arsenic Blue Ribbon 1844, it was reported successful 2010 that a vessel costs nan balanced of astir $44. It wasn’t nan aforesaid brew, pinch PBR 1844 being a typical brew that was only sold successful China. So now you know.

05. Kit Kat

Kit Kat logo

(Image credit: Nestlé)

The chocolate-covered wafer barroom Kit Kat was first made successful nan UK successful 1935, and is produced by Nestlé astir nan world isolated from successful nan US, wherever it’s made by Hershey. In its marketing, nan thought of having a ‘break’ is often used, truthful overmuch truthful that one UK advertisement simply said 'have a', without nan extremity of nan sentence. 

While nan Kit Kat is celebrated worldwide, some nan accepted barroom and nan various flavours and formats launched, nan cocoa barroom has connotations of bully luck successful Japan arsenic its sanction sounds akin to nan building 'Kitto Katsu', which intends 'surely win' successful Japanese. They’re often celebrated gifts astir exam play successful particular. Since 2000, Nestlé has launched complete 300 different Kit Kat flavours successful nan country, from strawberry and banana to soy condiment and cough drop, successful ample portion to entreaty to a younger market. 

06. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven logo

(Image credit: 7-Eleven)

7-Eleven has been going for almost a century, and took connected its existent sanction successful 1946 to bespeak its opening hours. Its convenience stores are of people ubiquitous successful nan US, and well-known for their Slurpees and Big Gulp drinks. However, 7-Eleven is recovered successful galore much countries, including Japan.

Japan has much 7-Eleven stores than anyplace other worldwide, pinch almost one-third of each stores located there. It’s highly celebrated successful Japan, and nan stores are a small different, trading a broader scope of products and offering much services than they do elsewhere. It’s loved owed to nan value and value of nan food, and besides nan convenient opening hours – Japan often has agelong moving hours truthful 7-Eleven is simply a celebrated choice. 

07. Stella Artois

Stella Artois logo

(Image credit: Stella Artois)

One of nan astir celebrated beers successful nan UK, nan Belgian brew Stella Artois has been astir for centuries. And successful nan UK, it went from being advertised arsenic a ‘strong’ lager for men to being marketed arsenic ‘Reassuringly Expensive’ – a premium lager. However, successful caller years it has attracted antagonistic connotations, moreover being nicknamed 'wife beater' for perceived links betwixt men drinking Stella and home abuse.

Not truthful each complete nan world. In nan US, it’s still seen arsenic a premium beer, and overmuch of its gross successful nan state came from edifice dining. As a result, it was affected much than galore by nan pandemic, and has aimed to target nan casual eating market, and group having meal astatine location pinch friends. 

08. Donald Duck

Donald Duck

(Image credit: Disney)

Disney’s Donald Duck, a friend of Mickey Mouse and Goofy, has been a celebrated characteristic crossed nan world since he made his debut successful 1934. But while he’s overshadowed successful astir markets by Mickey, nan company’s icon, his fame is huge in nan Nordic countries. 

Across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, 1 of nan biggest Christmas Eve traditions is to watch nan 1958 Disney Christmas typical From All of Us to All of You, and successful Sweden it’s often simply referred to arsenic Kalle Anka, aliases Donald Duck. He’s specified a large name, he’s sometimes seen arsenic much celebrated than Mickey himself. 

09. The North Face

The North Face is sometimes seen arsenic preppy successful nan US, and arsenic nan benignant of marque well-liked by able assemblage students arsenic good arsenic progressive people.

In nan UK, it utilized to beryllium seen arsenic a marque worn by outdoorsy group – middle-aged couples who spell connected countryside hikes – not a cardinal miles distant from really it’s seen crossed nan Atlantic. However, it’s since tried to marketplace itself arsenic a streetwear label. It’s go celebrated successful caller years arsenic a premium marque for cool, streetwise young group successful cities, and has been adopted by nan ‘roadman’ subculture. 

Want much connected branding? Why not look astatine really branding has developed complete clip pinch the history of logos, aliases return a look astatine nan best logos of nan 2010s?

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