Yves Behar Helps Yoshino Get a Grip on the World’s 1st Solid-State Portable Power Station

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There are 2 types of people: those who panic and those who hole successful advance. For nan latter, portable backup artillery solutions person go a celebrated intends to stay prepared for instances erstwhile life virtually takes you disconnected nan grid, whether purposely aliases by unexpected circumstances. Despite its categorical label, portable powerfulness is hardly portable astatine all. As anyone pinch a back-up artillery strategy knows, lithium batteries are dense and cumbersome, and besides travel pinch concerns astir flammability. Yoshino is simply a caller portable powerfulness position marque staking declare arsenic nan first institution to usage solid-state batteries wrong their portable powerfulness stations, a exertion halving nan weight and eliminating astir of those information concerns.

Four different shapes and sizes of Yoshino portable coagulated authorities artillery powerfulness stations.

Solid-state artillery exertion has been a agelong awaited adjacent procreation upgrade successful nan realm of charging solutions, pinch applications spanning from lighter, safer, and much affordable EVs, to mobile devices tin of keeping their complaint for days astatine a time. Compared to accepted lithium batteries filled pinch flammable liquid electrolytes, solid-state batteries measurement a batch less, connection importantly higher power densities, and tin beryllium offered astatine overmuch smaller sizes pinch comparable power capacity. Without immoderate concerns of lodging flammable liquid electrolytes, solid-state batteries are besides a batch safer than their lithium ion predecessors. It’s a safe stake to say, solid-state batteries are nan future.

Yoshino portable solid-state artillery solution pinch mobile instrumentality recharging by USB cable.

Veering distant from nan market’s inclination to wrap batteries wrong masculine and method business design, fuseproject identified an opportunity to creation a statement of powerfulness stations that coming little for illustration a instrumentality and much for illustration a manner product.

To complement nan upgrade, Yoshino tapped nan talents of Yves Behar and fuseproject to dress up their technology’s exterior trappings into thing much akin to a portable speaker than an business component.

Three different Yoshino portable solid-state artillery stations shown alongside fuse project's creation sketches nearby.

With up to 11 different ports dotting nan exterior case, a portable artillery needs to beryllium first and foremost accessible, but besides protected from damage. Fuseproject designers encased each 4 designs wrong a shatterproof and water-resistant matte grey and a muted greenish exterior protected by nan trim of nan look sheet aliases nan battery’s metallic handlebars.

Designed astir a beardown metallic grip forming a continuous set wrapping vertically aliases horizontally astir nan shell, Behar’s squad was capable to heighten nan improved ergonomics of Yoshino’s solid-state artillery technology. A subtle hexagonal shape is applied strategically for venting, while besides tying backmost to Yoshino’s bee/honeycomb branding, typical of nan company’s ethos of “nature, difficult work, and nonstop energy.”

Yoshino portable solid-state artillery position being carried successful 1 manus outdoors by a couple.

To guarantee an intuitive acquisition for users, fuseproject was besides tasked to creation a civilization UI power panel, punctuated pinch nan inclusion of a mini greenish bee logo graphic.

The smallest B330 SST – 330W artillery weighs conscionable nether 10lbs, pinch nan largest B4000 SST – 4000W exemplary weighing successful astatine 53.6lbs. In comparison, a highly-rated Red Dot Award winning 2400W portable lithium robust phosphate battery weighs complete 67lbs.

Behar is already good acquainted pinch nan fast-paced realm of artillery technology, spearheading nan improvement of TELO, a mini modern municipality and off-road EV pickup truck. But wherever that task utilizes a liquid-cooled 106kWh artillery pack, Yoshino delivers an advancement that will apt find its measurement into powering TELO and different vehicles.

Yoshino portable solid-state artillery position group connected an outdoor array adjacent a recreational trailer/vehicle.

Yoshino’s family of powerfulness stations offers an appealing solution for play car campers, off-the-grid residences, emergency workers, and different commercialized workers limited upon powerfulness on-the-go, and households seeking a stylish and convenient intends of powering up lights, speakers, projectors, aliases different devices successful their backyard. Their superior lighter weight, accrued capacity, and ergonomics is presently partially canceled retired by nan premium successful value attached to nan caller technology, but expect nan system of standard to caput towards a value driblet arsenic different instrumentality manufacturers beeline to travel Yoshino’s lead into nan highly competitory market.

For much accusation connected Yoshino’s Solid-State Portable Power Stations, sojourn yoshinopower.com.

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