WWT launch new vibrant brand and purpose on World Wetlands Day

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Creative agency GOOD has unveiled a caller marque and marque intent for world wetland restoration kindness WWT.

The UK is losing wetlands astatine a staggering rate. 87% are gone, and overmuch of what is near is successful danger. Through its rebrand, WWT wants to create a activity of 1 cardinal group taking action for wetlands.

GOOD – nan UK's highest-ranking B Corp imaginative agency – recognised during nan rebrand that audiences want a solution and want to beryllium portion of it, truthful nan imaginative squad developed nan marque intent pinch optimism and nonstop action beforehand and centre: to reconstruct wetlands and unlock their power.

The marque thought mirrors this optimism: Wetlands are nan way. It champions wetlands arsenic that uncommon and typical thing: a earthy solution to our top situation and nan way to nan early we tin each trust on.

Pete Snell, GOOD's subordinate imaginative director, says: "The marque thought unlocks nan enigma of wetlands. They whitethorn look for illustration still waters, but they are mysterious places teeming pinch life and activity. Almost half nan world's wildlife depends connected them for homes and food. Humans dangle connected them, excessively – for nan aerial we breathe, nan nutrient we eat, nan h2o we portion and overmuch more.

"Most importantly, successful nan conflict against nan ambiance crisis, wetlands are a powerful weapon. Every clip a wetland is restored, it locks up c – moreover faster than a wood can.

"We needed to convey wetland's captious domiciled done nan rebrand whilst still reflecting nan charity's history."

WWT laminitis Sir Peter Scott's original drafting of 2 Bewick swans taking formation is simply a much-loved icon wrong nan world of conservation, truthful GOOD wanted to tread lightly erstwhile re-purposing it.

Pete Snell adds: "We delved into nan archives to springiness nan original people a caller lease of life. Re-drawing a azygous swan created a much assured awesome and is amended adapted for integer surroundings. The guidance and formation of nan swan bespeak wetlands starring nan way. This is locked up pinch a caller WWT wordmark that echoed nan bending tributaries of wetland waterways.

Another halfway thought of nan rebrand was to usage materials from nan wetlands themselves. GOOD worked pinch illustrator Jo Strangford to create and people illustrations that captured nan textures and personalities of wetland wildlife, pairing these pinch a hand-crafted header font and a unique caller colour palette inspired by nan tapestry of unexpected colours recovered astatine wetlands.

Isobel Boyce, GOOD's subordinate imaginative director, says: "Our reside of sound needed to guidelines retired successful a crowded marketplace and animate response. So, we created 1 pinch cognition and action astatine its halfway – on pinch a spot of provocation and wit wherever needed.

"As pinch our ocular identity, authenticity was important. The 3 principles took inspiration from nan spaces we're striving to protect: Fresh, streamlined and afloat of wonder. This ensured our sound would not only guidelines retired and resonate pinch our assemblage but was besides embedded pinch meaning.

"Few group realise what incredible, superpowered ecosystems wetlands are and nan effect their restoration could person connected our world. It's very breathtaking to amplify this connection done WWT's rebrand and promote much group to thief reconstruct these wondrous spaces."

This led GOOD's squad to return inspiration from aerial shots of wetlands erstwhile creating an own-able ocular connection to thief build marque equity successful a saturated conservation kindness market. The last facet was to committee close-up photography that submerged itself wrong nan weird, wonderful, and unexpected worlds of wetlands.

Mark Simpson, caput of marque and contented astatine WWT, says, "Our caller marque has been developed to prosecute much group successful our ngo to reconstruct wetlands astatine a hugely breathtaking clip for WWT.

"With nan motorboat of our caller strategy and an updated look, we're committed to speaking boldly for wetlands, creating a million-strong activity of group who emotion wetland wildlife and building connected a proud contented of conservation and wetland creation."

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