Wolff Olins completes major brand refresh for New York's world-famous Botanical Gardens

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The celebrated New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) has revealed its first awesome marque refresh successful complete a decade successful business pinch world marque consultancy Wolff Olins.

One of New York's astir important technological destinations, NYBG is simply a 132-year-old globally important institution rooted successful investigation and education, pinch a strategical attraction connected deepening connections pinch nan section organization and expanding biology action astir nan world.

NYBG chose Wolff Olins to germinate nan marque to bespeak this imagination while honouring nan rich | history of nan gardens, which person stood arsenic a hub for quality and subject successful nan bosom of The Bronx since 1891, pinch 250 acres of exhibitions, immersive botanical experiences, art, euphony and events pinch immoderate of nan astir influential figures successful works and fungal science, horticulture and nan humanities.

As a starting constituent to encapsulate nan institution, nan agency created a singular thought for nan brand: 'Do correct by nature' – a reference to studying nature, protecting it, learning from it and enjoying it. A telephone to action, spotlighting nan starring activity of NYBG and acknowledging nan progressive domiciled of quality itself.

Creating a caller reside of sound for nan marque focused connected nan tonality and cognition of New York and nan Bronx. Built astir an optimistic, empathetic, and deliberate marque personality, it was conceived to thief NYBG stock its contagious enthusiasm for nan earthy world, make everyone consciousness invited and lead pinch expertise.

This includes a caller hand-drawn logo focusing connected nan shorter, bolder NYBG abbreviation. To merge nan tone of New York City and nan earthy beauty of nan Garden, nan typography references hand-drawn forms recovered successful quality while besides evoking a assurance that speaks to nan organisation's impact.

Jane Boynton, elder imaginative head astatine Wolff Olins, explains: "All of america astatine Wolff Olins are truthful honoured to activity pinch specified an iconic marque arsenic The New York Botanical Garden. We wanted to seizure what group already cognize astir this beloved institution – an unthinkable spot of earthy beauty – but besides a spot of science, research, horticultural advancements, preservation, education, advocacy, creation and outreach to nan surrounding Bronx community. It's these qualities that make NYBG truthful special, rich | and different and what really shines done successful nan refreshed brand, fresh to meet and shake hands today's visitors."

NYBG's updated creation strategy includes an intricate palette of colours inspired by nan breadth of plants, trees, fungi, algae and moreover nan Bronx River that runs done nan gardens, arsenic good arsenic nan bold vibrancy of different iconic New York institutions. The strategy has been conceived to beryllium mixed pinch elasticity and devices that alteration nan creation of beautiful contrasts retired of moreover nan astir unexpected pairings.

A photography style based connected nan thought of seeing from nature's position has besides been created pinch shots ranging from friendly to immersive, capturing nan various subjects of plants, people, and places that show nan humanities communicative of NYBG.

Wolff Olins besides created a schematic connection based connected nan forms of nan plot itself – but from a bird's oculus position – integrated shapes that tin beryllium cropped, extracted, aliases layered complete a grid inspired by nan acquainted solid panes of nan iconic Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

"Wolff Olins has helped nan full squad present astatine NYBG much intelligibly articulate our imagination for nan future, and successful turn, it will let nan institution to much efficaciously scope a broader and much divers scope of visitors and learners, some on-site and online. The caller personality strategy cements NYBG arsenic an active, bold and welcoming beingness that will link and inspire, ensuring that existent and early generations of Garden-goers consciousness connected to quality – because we can't ideate a life without that feeling," adds Michael Crowley, main trading officer, NYBG.

Global CEO of Wolff Olins Sarah Ashman describes nan activity arsenic a 'dream marque transformation', adding: "The domiciled of gardens successful our cities has ne'er been much important to our well-being aliases much ripe for reappraisal.

The Bronx, location to complete 1.5 cardinal people, is really New York's greenest borough, pinch parkland covering astir a 4th of nan onshore there. NYBG attracts good complete a cardinal visitors per year.

NYBG CEO Jennifer Bernstein concludes: "Our caller marque personality is simply a awesome to nan world that NYBG is afloat engaged successful moving to reside nan dual ambiance and biodiversity crises while we proceed to supply moments of joy, respite and wonderment to visitors and learners crossed our plot grounds and organization sites successful nan Bronx. Our caller marque is meant to animate group to return action and to thief quality thrive truthful that humanity tin thrive.

"At NYBG, we judge successful our expertise to make things amended and are excited for our optimistic caller marque to prosecute nan nationalist much holistically successful our institution's activity crossed our borough and astir nan globe."

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