Villa Albertine + Mobilier National Present Rising French Design Stars

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Villa Albertine, together pinch Mobilier National, presented 5 up-and-coming designers – Atelier George, Atelier d’Offard, Chloé Bensahel, Gala Espel, and Dimitri Hlinka – astatine nan 2023 version of Design Miami/. The exhibition, group successful a abstraction designed by Alban Roger, explores nan intersection of French ornamental arts practice and modern design.

The Villa Albertine is simply a stunning achromatic room adorned pinch a comfortable furniture and illuminated by a stylish lamp.

Atelier d’Orffard created a minimalist surviving abstraction utilizing washi insubstantial and papier-mâché; Atelier George’s “Solar Suspension” interpreted celestial bodies done solid art; Gala Espel blended exertion and craftsmanship successful her silversmith activity “Archaeology of nan Future”; Chloé Bensahel’s connected tapestries and merged textile contented pinch integer art; and Dimitry Hlinka redefined a communal radiator into an creator connection successful woodworking pinch “Amplitude.”

Beyond Design Miami/, Villa Albertine and Mobilier National perpetrate to supporting French designers and artisans successful nan United States, providing opportunities for task improvement and facilitating Franco-American collaborations successful creation and craft, successful business pinch nan Bettencourt Schueller Foundation. Their purpose is to foster caller talent and item nan domiciled of creation and trade successful addressing modern societal challenges.

Within nan elegant Villa Albertine, a pristine achromatic room beckons pinch its minimalist charm. A solitary chair and a tastefully positioned lamp are nan sole elements wrong this serene space.

A achromatic vase sits connected a achromatic pedestal successful Villa Albertine.

Villa Albertine, a room filled pinch an array of elegant achromatic objects.

A achromatic Villa Albertine pedestal pinch a metallic ringing connected it.

A achromatic grounds astatine Villa Albertine showcasing an array of stunning achromatic sculptures.

Photography by Matthew Gordon.

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