Tivoli Audio SongBooks Are Modernist Bluetooth Boomboxes

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Released astir 2 decades agone and good up of nan era of streaming, nan original Tivoli Audio SongBook was a portable 1.75lbs AM/FM power outfitted pinch a lone speaker and telescoping antenna – a compact recreation power reflective of a different clip and listening habits. Tivoli has precocious revived nan SongBook pinch nan announcement of not conscionable 1 caller speaker, but 2 Bluetooth sound systems featuring nan melodious moniker, each designed to evoke nan stylings of nan past while delivering nan euphony streaming features expected of today.

Tivoli SoundBook successful Cream and Brown successful surviving room situation staged adjacent a midcentury armchair successful nan foreground and hanging pendant light, shelving successful nan background

Designer and CEO of Tivoli Audio, Paul DePasquale says nan caller SongBook was inspired by business designs from nan 1970s and 1990s – everything from room appliances, user electronics, and of course, location audio. And it shows, pinch a elemental attack to listening.

“I wanted nan merchandise to consciousness for illustration thing I would person loved to person increasing up successful nan 90s,” DePasquale explains. “Adding nan analog attack to nan equalizer, powerfulness functions, and sources brought to life a acquainted joyousness successful personification experience, which is elemental and fun.”

Tivoli Audio SongBook wireless speaker power pinch grip group against an orangish background.

The Tivoli Audio SongBook’s retro creation is invitingly tactile, featuring a powerfulness toggle switch, line/amp toggle, root knob, measurement knob, and Lo / Mid / Hi EQ accommodation sliders pinch nary a surface successful sight.

Tivoli Audio SongBook wireless speaker power pinch grip connected wood information table.

It whitethorn look for illustration a boombox of yesteryear, but Tivoli has outfitted nan SoundBook pinch modern specs, including 2 20-watt amps output, Bluetooth 5.3 wireless connectivity, 1 3.5″ full-range driver pinch a 3.5” woofer, accelerated powerfulness transportation recharging, and moreover scatter resistant IPX 4 rating.

The resulting “newly evolved” SongBook’s artistic is so a tactile reinterpretation of nan original radio, and 1 powerfully evocative of nan astir beloved and nostalgic audio designs: nan power boombox.

Available now successful 2 sizes, nan first SongBook weighs 6.7lbs and measures 12″ x 9″ x 5″ – astir nan size of nan boombox stereo immoderate of america retrieve from our analog youth. Instead of popping successful cassette tapes aliases CDs, nan retro-styled speaker now connects to sources some wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, and Chromecast, aliases straight utilizing a 1⁄4”/ 6.35mm auxiliary input.

Tivoli Audio SongBook wireless speaker power successful glossy greenish decorativeness pinch bluish background.

You won’t ever person to interest astir changing retired tremendous D size batteries to powerfulness this portable speaker arsenic it’s equipped pinch an soul accelerated charging artillery that ekes up to 10 hours of artillery life per charge.

Tivoli Audio SongBook wireless speaker power successful glossy greenish decorativeness group connected a mini broadside extremity array successful a surviving room adjacent sofa topped pinch 2 pillows and jar filled pinch trim flowers group connected a windowsill.

Tivoli besides offers a 2nd SongBook MAX, a larger loop equipped pinch a beefier 4″ subwoofer for nan bump successful nan trunk debased end, 4″ midrange driver, mini .75″ tweeter positioned successful nan center, and 2 50-watt amps. Weighing 11.5lbs and measuring 15″ x 11″ x 6″, nan MAX version is much to lug around, but offers a bigger sound pinch its size. There’s besides an FM power tuner if you for illustration to “stream” euphony nan aged fashioned way, pinch nan action to programme up to 5 position presets.

Tivoli Audio SongBook MAX wireless speaker power successful glossy greenish decorativeness pinch purple background.

Unlike nan smaller SoundBook, nan MAX version features a mini integer position display, but different retains nan aforesaid tactile personification controls.

white modern boombox wireless speaker connected pinkish background

Tivoli Audio SongBook MAX wireless speaker power successful pick and brownish decorativeness group connected a marble room countertop

Tivoli Audio SongBook MAX wireless speaker power successful glossy greenish connected to a guitar a man is strumming to nan right, pinch a female holding a Polaroid camera to its left.

Musicians return note, some of nan caller SongBooks characteristic a built-in pre-amp, which allows relationship and output from a turntable aliases a guitar.

Tivoli Audio SongBook MAX wireless speaker power successful glossy greenish group connected outdoor chromatic steps.

Both Tivoli Audio SongBook editions are disposable adorned successful a cream/brown combo aliases a glossy greenish finish, pinch nan SongBook priced astatine $449.99 and nan SongBook MAX for $599.99.

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