Tile Collection by Barber & Osgerby For Mutina Shows Beauty In Time

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Celebrating a decade of collaboration, renowned workplace Barber & Osgerby created a caller tile postulation for Italian ceramics marque Mutina, 1 that reflects nan beauty of thing created complete clip – fittingly, overmuch for illustration their partnership.

bowl and sheet connected greenish tiles

The collection, aptly named Time, consists of porcelain stoneware tiles successful 3 sizes (1.5×1.5”, 1.5×8”, and 8×8”). The 8 colors – Etna Black, Dakota Grey, Dover White, Salta Red, Highland Green, Virginia Blue, Sahara Sand, and Atlas Brown – are rich | and grounding, fitting arsenic they are inspired by geology, geography, landscape, and circumstantial locales. The scope of colors, which are besides disposable successful Smooth and Rough finishes (the second made chopped pinch its flecks of material), mixed pinch nan refined curation of sizes allows for infinite configurations that operation hue, scale, aliases both.

board crippled connected greenish tiles

tile samples

green tiles

The stoneware worldly itself happens to person a tangible mentation down Barber & Osgerby’s thought of nan collection. It delves into nan intricate processes of earthy weathering arsenic clip passes, showcasing really nan accordant influences of h2o and upwind progressively deterioration down and polish surfaces, molding landscapes and transforming unsmooth features into much elegant shapes. “The conception of clip has really been a reoccurring taxable successful respective of our collections,” nan workplace shares. “Time delves into nan mode successful which objects, complete time, either upwind aliases get a unsmooth texture owed to vulnerability to nan elements aliases interact pinch humans, becoming smoother done nan years.”

side array adjacent to greenish and achromatic tiles

chair connected tiled level and walls

tray connected brownish tiles

chair connected yellowish tiles

table connected reddish tiles

tray connected achromatic tiles

ping pong shot connected bluish tiles

ping pong balls and java array connected bluish tiles

black tile samples

white tile samples

grey tile samples

blue tile samples

green tile samples

yellow tile samples

grey tile samples

red tile samples

red tile samples

blue tile samples

To study much astir Barber Osgerby’s Time postulation for Mutina, sojourn mutina.it/en.

Photos by Claudia Zalla.

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