Studio BND revitalises Arts for Dementia with a vibrant rebrand

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Studio BND proudly has unveiled a broad rebrand for Arts for Dementia. The UK-based kindness stands by nan mantra that 'life doesn't extremity pinch a diagnosis' – it marks nan opening of a caller section wherever Arts for Dementia tin beryllium a guiding ray for those who request it.

More than conscionable a rebrand, Studio BND wanted nan task to bespeak nan charity's ceremony of resilience and organization and worked straight pinch individuals surviving pinch dementia to animate nan approach.

Arts for Dementia envisions everyone affected by early-stage dementia finding, enjoying and benefitting from imaginative activities. The rebrand reflects this vision, emphasising possibilities and recognising nan agency individuals support moreover aft a diagnosis.

Studio BND worked intimately pinch nan kindness to create nan caller logomark, symbolising Arts for Dementia arsenic a beacon of dream for those affected by dementia. By embracing imperfection, nan creation pays tribute to nan reality of life pinch nan disease, inviting others to support, clasp and stock imperfections.

Research has revealed wide misunderstanding astir nan effect of dementia, particularly overlooking nan stages betwixt test and nan extremity of a person's life.

Contrary to communal belief, individuals surviving pinch dementia often clasp important agency for extended periods post-diagnosis, a misconception which is progressively being challenged.

By conducting imaginative workshops pinch Arts for Dementia, Studio BND straight Involved individuals surviving pinch dementia and caregivers successful nan process. A bid of pictograms emerged, showcasing nan immense scope of interests, classes and workshops nan kindness offers. These pictograms became a cornerstone crossed various touchpoints, creating a toolkit of ocular assets co-produced by nan very individuals Arts for Dementia intends to assist.

A privilege for Arts for Dementia was an accessible system, achieving an AA standing crossed nan website. The consequence is simply a colour palette rigorously tested for some web and offline environments, accommodating nan unsocial challenges posed by dementia.

Ben Mottershead, head astatine Studio BND, shared his perspective: "Our privilege during this process has been to assistance nan veil connected Dementia. We believed it was captious to item that life doesn't extremity pinch a diagnosis, and we sought to reframe nan existing communicative and champion nan adjacent section successful an affected person's journey. And to show their optimism, agency, and determination.

"This rebrand is not conscionable a ocular translator – it's a testament to nan resilience and vitality of those affected by dementia, inviting each to subordinate successful nan ceremony of life beyond diagnosis."

The chosen typeface, Figtree, boasts cleanable and friends geometric qualities, ensuring clarity and legibility crossed various scales. Modifications to nan wordmark heighten differentiation and legibility, accommodating conditions specified arsenic dyslexia.

Studio BND besides recognised nan effect of dementia connected representation and vision, starring to nan improvement of a component-based strategy pinch clear level and separation. This attack ensures chopped placement and engagement pinch visuals without causing disorder aliases ocular overload.

The website creation focuses connected accessibility, vibrancy, hope, and enjoyment – a departure from nan accepted reside successful nan sector. Studio BND streamlined nan personification experience, adhering to AA and AAA accessibility standards, implementing Alt-Tagging, and introducing a mouse-free navigation strategy for those pinch mobility-based disabilities.

Language is captious to nan website's design, pinch clear signposting and simplified connection astatine each touchpoint. Studio BND implemented a component-based web system, providing a clear building for each assets and imagery, ensuring an enjoyable acquisition for each visitors. The consequence is simply a revitalised level that aligns pinch Arts for Dementia's ambition of supporting life aft diagnosis.

Penny Fosten, CEO of Arts for Dementia, adds: "We are delighted pinch nan caller marque and very excited astir implementing it. We reviewed our strategy and priorities successful 2022, and it was clear that successful bid to scope much group and animate them to research nan benefits of productivity for group affected by dementia, we would request a really engaging, uplifting and accessible marque and website. Studio BND has been a awesome partner, moving to understand america arsenic an organisation, our stakeholders and beneficiaries, and dementia itself.

"The attack was hugely collaborative, and they wanted to usage co-production arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable – it's awesome to spot icons successful nan branding that our participants, trustees, volunteers, unit and partners created. The full squad looks guardant to seeing nan caller brand, colours and logo retired successful nan world."

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