Studio 804’s Pinkney Neighborhood Home Is a Model for Service

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What happened to nan rich | vernacular of nan American suburb? While nan reply is 1 of complexity, nan word conjures a clear image of rows upon rows of vaguely colonial, builder-grade homes. The commercialized architecture instrumentality would person location buyers judge that nan “McMansion” aliases “contemporary farmhouse” is aspirational. But pinch nan thief of Duravit, Studio 804 adds nan Pinkney Neighborhood House to its extended portfolio of unique, caller section builds that subordinate nan conventional, marrying modern pinch section language. Helmed by designer and pedagogue Dan Rockhill, not-for-profit Studio 804 bridges nan spread betwixt general studies and master believe for University of Kansas architectural postgraduate students – operating for astir 3 decades – pinch Duravit playing a important domiciled since 2017.

The exterior of 2 gable roofed structures.

The exterior of 2 gable roofed structures.

The exterior of 2 gable roofed structures.

Team Work

Each year, and complete nan people of nan 9 months, nan design-build believe shepherds astir 30 students done almost each facet of nan building process from inception to afloat realization – sparing nary misadventure successful an effort to fortify their constitution arsenic moving professionals. “I had noticed that students were suffering from what I’ve described arsenic this benignant of deprived youth, and began doing conscionable a small spot of building pinch them,” Rockhill says. “And they were conscionable drunk connected nan potency of that experience. I couldn’t judge it. And they conscionable wanted to get retired of nan classroom.” This modality originates wherever accepted workplace learning ends, astatine pencil connected paper, and extends from nan schoolhouse into nan organization to prosecute residents and section businesses now vested successful Studio 804’s ngo – a reminder that nan vicinity is among nan top assets and amenities.

The exterior of 2 gable roofed structures.

Street facing entranceway of nan 2023 Pinkney Neighborhood Dwelling(s)

Slatted specifications of nan exterior of a gable roofed structure.

Driveway and destruction of nan superior dwelling on nan introduction deck

The exterior walkway of a gable roofed structure.

View from nan introduction platform toward nan driveway

The structure’s inception coincides pinch nan autumn semester’s commencement clip and hunt for a viable lot, which could return respective weeks, followed by different period of creation work. The aspiring architects swiftly move done drafting building documents, permitting, and first building pinch nan extremity to build retired nan model and get nan exterior insulated earlier unsavory upwind sets in. Come outpouring is nan implementation of finishes, appliances, and sanitary ware. “The business of Studio 804 and Duravit made maine a amended builder and a much knowledgeable designer, particularly erstwhile having to see waterproofing successful a existent script for nan first time,” Thomas Padgett, an architecture student, shares. Within 9 months, and a scope of akin hands-on experiences, nan vanished building is turnkey for nan client.

The outdoor abstraction of a gable roofed structure.

The backmost platform of nan superior dwelling

A hallway pinch slatted surface complete nan windows.

Indoor transition on nan introduction platform starring to nan superior dwelling’s surviving space

Room pinch furniture and seating.

Primary dwelling first level bedroom

Site Specific

This year’s residence, successful nan City of Lawrence, Kansas, is nan 18th LEED Platinum Certified task completed by nan patient and different illustration of an architectural solution rich | successful item informed by context. The site’s first authorities echoed anterior improvement successful its overgrowth, nan proposal of a erstwhile foundation, and an existing standard wrong which nan homes operate. In addition, an adjacent flood area encroaches connected nan buildable area resulting successful an extended, forested backyard dissimilar nan different Pinkney properties. However, this greenish wall allows for built masses to beryllium juxtaposed against nan wooded scenery pinch capable seclusion from nan bustling downtown conscionable a fewer blocks away.

Bathroom pinch achromatic accent tile successful opinionated shower.

En suite for first level chamber successful superior dwelling

A doorway that looks retired an exterior model done slats.

View from superior dwelling first level chamber into passageway

Bathroom pinch achromatic accent wall.

First level powder room successful superior dwelling

Comprising nan last strategy are 2 gabled forms that contemporize section ocular connection pinch their reflective, black, Nichiha-clad facades – a solution peculiarly avant-garde for nan area. “It’s bully to perceive passersby guidelines retired successful beforehand and say, ‘God, that’s gorgeous,’ because it’s thing they’ve ne'er seen before,” Rockhill says. “So that’s a milestone for me, erstwhile group opportunity that to us, because years agone that would not person happened. Now, we person up to 1,200 group travel to our unfastened house.”

A hallway pinch a achromatic accent wall.

A look backmost down nan indoor transition on nan introduction platform starring to nan superior dwelling’s surviving space

A modern, unfastened scheme surviving abstraction and room pinch stairs to a loft.

Living, cooking, and eating abstraction for nan superior dwelling

A modern, unfastened scheme surviving abstraction and room pinch stairs to a loft.

Living, cooking, and eating abstraction for nan superior dwelling

The larger of nan 2 builds is nan superior dwelling whose contrasting slatted curen on nan entryway invites guests successful wherever they’ll find an unfastened living, kitchen, and eating area. A hallway to nan backdoor, crossed from nan garage, is lined pinch storage, laundry, a mechanical room, impermanent powder room, and mudroom. An en suite chamber and walk-in closet are located wherever nan hallway terminates. And nan chamber opens to nan eastbound to observe nan greenish landscape. Visitors whitethorn proceed up nan surviving room staircase to find a flex abstraction pinch built-in retention earlier continuing to a 2nd suite.

The room successful a modern, unfastened scheme surviving abstraction and room pinch stairs to a loft.

Open conception room successful nan superior dwelling

The eating abstraction successful a modern, unfastened scheme surviving abstraction that looks retired into nan yard.

Dining abstraction pinch civilization built-ins for nan superior dwelling

The room successful a modern, unfastened scheme surviving abstraction that looks retired into nan yard.

View from nan unfastened room spilling done eating abstraction and retired onto nan introduction deck

Across nan measurement is simply a mini self-sufficient accessory dwelling portion connected nan 2nd level supra nan detached one-car garage. Accessible done a backstage exterior entry, this abstraction allows further elasticity for nan homeowner pinch implications to mitigate municipality sprawl done its usage arsenic a rental spot expanding residential density successful nan bosom of town. This solution is anticipatory of homeowner needs, satisfies a assortment of lifestyles, and aligns pinch nan city’s semipermanent ngo to support sustainable improvement and yet communities.

The room successful a modern, unfastened scheme surviving space.

Cooking and eating abstraction for nan superior dwelling

Contemporary stairways pinch achromatic accent wall.

Main step successful nan superior dwelling starring up to a flex space

A loft looking complete an unfastened level scheme below.

Flex abstraction successful nan superior dwelling that overlooks unfastened scheme below


The existent worth of Rockhill’s elegant solution lies successful achievements measured pinch a LEED Platinum certification. The exterior tegument features a rainscreen ventilated destruction that improves thermal performance, encourages businesslike h2o drainage, and tin beryllium recycled to widen usage beyond its existent life. Air, vapor, and h2o barriers create an letter cover truthful tight that an power betterment ventilator is required to present caller aerial and exhaust old aerial simultaneously, which dramatically reduces nan accent connected HVAC systems. Other exterior attributes see 16 star panels, lighting that is Dark Sky approved, and a driveway designed to minimize stormwater runoff done drainage that replenishes nan h2o table.

A loft looking complete an unfastened level scheme below.

Flex abstraction successful nan superior dwelling pinch civilization retention and desk

A chamber pinch bed, easel, and dresser.

Second communicative chamber successful superior dwelling

Bathroom pinch entity ray and opinionated shower.

Second communicative bath successful superior dwelling

Louvers connected nan destruction mitigate nonstop star power summation successful nan summertime while permitting wintertime sun to lukewarm nan actual floors. Operable windows assistance pinch nan passive heating and cooling. And each finishes are debased VOC emitting – pinch worldly information extending into nan bathrooms. Deceptively elemental successful aesthetic, Duravit’s products are sculpted from minimal amounts of worldly to maximize capacity while incorporating an mean of 30% recycled matter.

An entryway pinch doorway and window.

Hallway starring to stairs for further dwelling unit

A chamber pinch seating area.

Second communicative chamber successful ADU

A room pinch seating area and bedewed bar.

Second communicative chamber successful ADU pinch kitchenette

View from bath to bedroom.

Second communicative bath successful ADU

A Path Forward

Rockhill employs a modernist style pinch unexpected worldly usage for a cheeky return connected nan accepted tile building residents are accustomed to seeing. What’s much is his subversion of nan cookie-cutter, postwar suburbia seared into American consciousness. With a awesome woody of gumption, Studio 804 demonstrates nan architect’s domiciled successful building arsenic a liaison betwixt aspiring designers, building companies, section communities, and manufacturers. If much firms took this attack possibly neighborhoods could reclaim their unsocial section styles. “Most group deliberation that surely, successful an architect’s education, it’s sewage to see immoderate connectedness pinch building. And it ne'er did,” he continues. “So that’s why I started it. And we’ve grown to person an world estimation because it’s truthful unique.”

The exterior of 2 gable roofed structures.

Photography by Corey Gaffer.

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