Regular Practice rebrands online estate agency Purplebricks over a decade after launch

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Online property agency disruptor Purplebricks went from being worthy an estimated £1.4 cardinal to being sold for £1 past year.

But now nan marque is revitalised by its caller owners acknowledgment to activity by London-based agency Regular Practice.

Founded successful 2012, Purplebricks launched to empower homeowners to waste their spot themselves. The brand's online business exemplary offered a refreshing alteration to those disappointment by outdated, opaque, and costly existent property agencies, putting nan powerfulness backmost into nan hands of nan sellers, not nan agents, and enabling group to waste their homes for free.

Its caller owners – erstwhile rival agency Strike and Freston Ventures, nan money down Carphone Warehouse, Talk Talk and Five Guys- recognised an opportunity to reconstruct pridefulness successful nan marque and awesome its intent to transportation connected shaking up nan property supplier market.

Tom Finn, laminitis and managing head of Regular Practice, says: "We saw nan imaginable for nan powerfulness of marque to play a unifying taste unit for some Strike and Purplebricks teams – mounting them connected a caller and breathtaking trajectory."

Despite having a memorable name, unique purple marque colour and a decade of accordant TV advertising, Regular Practice felt that nan remainder of nan personality was tired and neglected and chose to bring nan marque to life pinch a caller moving identity, colour palette, photography and logo – each underpinned by nan elemental phrase: 'Own It'.

"We unrecorded successful a ocular world. Subconscious aliases not, modern consumers crossed each parts of nan marketplace person precocious expectations of design," says Kristoffer Sølling, laminitis and imaginative head of Regular Practice.

"We aimed to modernise nan marque for today's much digitally autochthonal world. Motion is simply a cardinal creation plus for immoderate digitally-driven brand."

The thought was to tie connected Purplebricks' halfway rule of 'flipping property agency successful nan customers' favour' and debar nan generic banal consciousness of astir property agents.

Regular Practice opted for a caller schematic strategy introducing house-shaped blocks to bespeak nan diverseness of houses and flats connected sale. Designed to beryllium utilized for everything from societal media to printed materials and nan all-important placards extracurricular people's homes.

A caller colour palette focuses connected warmer tones of magenta, gold, and ray yellow, while nan typeface Oatmeal Semi-bold and Medium was utilized to optimise clarity and honesty – positives that buyers and vendors don't ever subordinate pinch nan spot market.

Kristoffer Sølling adds: "Looking astatine nan caller occurrence of different design-led businesses specified arsenic Zoopla and Rightmove, putting their ain stamp connected nan lodging market, nan clip feels ripe for a caller attack from Purplebricks. Hopefully, it will resonate pinch audiences aged and new. As we know, buying a location is 1 of nan biggest purchases galore group make successful their lives, truthful having an personality that speaks their connection will build spot and reassurance successful a fractured market."

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