Output answers Octopus Money brief to help inspire financial planning

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Whatever nan authorities of nan financial landscape, group still person dreams – for illustration a wedding aliases a vacation – and moving to realise them requires planning.

Octopus Money is simply a one-to-one financial coaching work that intends to make its customers look up from nan day-to-day expenses and commencement creating plans for nan future.

Any consumer-focused motorboat successful nan crowded financial services assemblage tin beryllium difficult, truthful Octopus approached London-based Output – an independent, female-led workplace – pinch nan volition of creating a marque personality which tapped into nan affectional gravity of 'life's large moments'.

These included milestones specified arsenic looking guardant to an progressive status and really Octopus helps group bring those plans to fruition done friends advice, applicable coaching and a realistic people of action.

Output managing head Gemma Ballinger explains: "To bring emotion and meaning to nan storytelling, we introduced a loose illustration style to nan collage system. The thought was to evoke personification doodling while pensive astir nan future.

This was achieved by bringing successful Edinburgh illustrator Charlotte Trounce, whose activity is correct crossed nan suite of assets nan agency created, including nan Octopus Money website and app.

Gemma adds: "To thief Octopus Money guidelines retired and show nan quality facet of nan brand, we created a creation connection that feels distinctly made by hand. Moodboards reference nan thought of visualising your dream, pinch scrapbooks signaling grounds of nan travel becoming a reality. The consequence is simply a raw, tactile acquisition that expresses nan emotion specified a personalised work tin unlock.

"Developing nan imaginative idea, nan creation strategy uses a multi-levelled consciousness of collage. From expressive visualisations of customers' dreams, correct down to functional components for illustration pictograms, each facet has a beingness quality. Bringing life into nan system, nevertheless large aliases mini nan moment."

Consumers are asked to interact pinch nan Octopus tract and app to stock and visualise their dreams. They besides get personalised pages for their assigned one-to-one coach – a conception which urges imaginable customers to 'Forget nan Robots' and prosecute pinch a existent person.

Ruth Handcock, CEO of Octopus Money, adds: "Output ran a awesome process. The value of reasoning was excellent, and we felt they wholly understood and acted connected our needs."

Octopus Money is simply a sister institution to nan greenish power business Octopus Energy.

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