Niamh Barry Sculpts in Bronze + Light With Biblical Proportions

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Poured, pounded, polished, and sometimes patinated, Irish shaper Niamh Barry’s process moving pinch bronze is thing for illustration practicing alchemy. But nan existent sorcery is nan transmutation of her ideas into a matrimony of craftsmanship and modern innovation. Self-taught successful metalwork, Niamh Barry’s astir iconic pieces are an amalgam of meticulously engineered bronze, glass, and polycarbonate.

A sculptural, bluish patina table.

SHOULDERING TABLE coagulated hand-formed bronze, Blue Patina, and reflector polish \\\ Photo: Nigel Swann

What’s more, her workplace manages to manufacture astir 30 furnishings a twelvemonth pinch immoderate of her larger endeavors crafted complete nan people of 600 to 1,400 hours pursuing years of rumination. Several caller creations including nan Shouldering Table, Ghost Bench, and What if Everything is Not Linear? are exemplary useful showcasing Barry’s expertise to defy gravity, manipulate perception, and commune pinch nature.

A sculptural bronze bench.

GHOST BENCH reflector polished coagulated hand-formed bronze \\\ Photo: Nigel Swann

Underpinning each shape is that of a 6-inch hammered golden boat, which references an artifact from nan Broighter hoard – a historical wealth trove of golden artifacts from nan Irish Iron Age. And while nan genesis of Barry’s phosphor bronze fleet is rooted successful nan aforesaid spirit, each contributes a small spot much to her imaginative canon. “It’s difficult to opportunity if aliases really these pieces correspond aliases beforehand each other,” nan designer says. “All I interest myself pinch is listening to what my imaginative mind is telling maine to do. It’s intuitive and visceral and expressing that pinch nan highest level of authenticity to myself is what matters.”

A sculptural bronze bench.

GHOST BENCH reflector polished coagulated hand-formed bronze \\\ Photo: Nigel Swann

The complexities of each entity cannot beryllium distilled to a singular “ah-ha” moment, but alternatively a fermentation. Sketches, maquettes, integer designs, and respective dedicated workplace assistants are activated by nan slow pain of her genius. Ideas percolate, bubbling up from Barry’s subconscious until she recognizes nan principle that wishes to beryllium expressed. A bid of images are past translated from her mind’s oculus to insubstantial establishing nan piece’s connection earlier those verbi-visual qualities are fixed beingness shape done exemplary making. Engineering and trade techniques are further employed to draught shop drawings that will thief recognize nan last artifact.

A sculptural bronze bench.

GHOST BENCH reflector polished coagulated hand-formed bronze \\\ Photo: Nigel Swann

Ghost Bench is simply a humble – comparative to her portfolio – mirror-polished, coagulated hand-formed bronze seat. The seemingly floating, reflective wide is buoyed by 3 bladed legs that are much for illustration vertical planes bladed capable to disappear. In contrast, nan Shouldering Table pulls attraction pinch its bluish patinated bronze decorativeness and integrated structures that prop up a bladed aboveground further articulated pinch a reflector polish astir nan edge.

A sculptural, bluish patina array and sculptural bronze bench.


Sculptural furnishings primitively launched Barry’s profession but her foray into lighting creation is transcendent. Considered her breakthrough piece, What if Everything is Not Linear? is of biblical proportions. A dazzling eight, hand-hammered coagulated bronze components subordinate together arsenic 1 sculpture that descends from above. “It is nan realization of a consciousness I’ve had for 8 years… wholly contrary to nan ‘drawing’ pinch bronze lines that I was making,” Barry says. “It yet appeared successful beforehand of maine and I thought, ‘oh location you are!’ Fully realized connected insubstantial and past yet successful bronze.”

A female opinionated beneath a sculptural bronze chandelier.

Niamh Barry pinch her What If Everything Is Not Linear? sculptural bronze chandelier \\\ Photo: Niamh Barry

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Photography of merchandise successful situ by Nigel Swann.

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