New book 'I Love It. What Is It?' tells the story of renowned brand design agency Turner Duckworth

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The storied history of 1 of nan world's foremost marque creation studios, Turner Duckworth, is nan taxable of a new book retired this month.

Published by Phaidon successful nan UK, nan book tells nan shared experience, instincts, and insights down nan studio, founded by David Turner and Bruce Duckworth, done a postulation of essays that analyse nan company's astir recognisable activity complete nan past 30 years and more.

Each effort explores nan principle of creation and really to harness it done branding, packaging, and art. It is simply a benignant of insider's guideline to what tin often beryllium seen arsenic an insular firm world wherever high-level decisions astir branding and logo creation are made.

The book has been written successful collaboration pinch Gyles Lingwood, professor of business productivity astatine nan University of Lincoln and features contributions from 20 renowned manufacture figures, including Morgan Flatley, world main trading agency and caller business ventures, McDonald's, Moira Cullen, erstwhile creation head of Coca-Cola North America, Linda Lee, main trading serviceman of Campbell's meals and beverages, Stefan Sagmeister, an internationally celebrated designer; and Jessica Spence, North American president of Beam Suntory.

Sarah Moffat, main imaginative serviceman of Turner Duckworth, comments: "As a company, we've ne'er adhered to nan accepted believe of having a business plan. There's nary declare to pioneering a radically caller approach, nor tin we pinpoint a azygous brilliant move that propelled america to success. Our instauration is rooted successful doing what feels right.

"To seizure nan principle of this powerful emotion, we reached retired to 20 kindred spirits, affectionately known arsenic Turner Duckworth friends and family, to stock their experiences from various aspects of nan imaginative industry.

"This is not your emblematic agency retrospective aliases a step-by-step creation manual. There's thing successful this book for anyone willing successful cutting done analyzable intelligence clutter and evoking genuine emotions.

"We deliberately opted for simplicity, steering clear of a high-production java array book. The upturned area is an invitation to scribble notes successful nan margins, while nan humble size fits effortlessly connected your bedside table."

Turner Duckworth – which has studios successful London, New York and San Francisco – has earned complete 600 honours, including nan inaugural Cannes Grand Prix for Design, a D&AD Collaboration Award, induction into nan Clio Hall of Fame, and moreover a Grammy.

'I Love It. What Is It?' is intended arsenic a testament to these accomplishments, capturing what nan workplace says is its "unwavering belief successful instinct, risk-taking, and innovation". It is afloat of awesome imagery, applicable quotes from figures arsenic divers arsenic Bruce Lee to T.S. Eliot and plentifulness of anecdotes to support you reference whether you're an agency seasoned aliases caller to nan world of branding and design.

The book is published connected 24 February by Phaidon and will costs £29.95.

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