LG mycup Is a Mini Dishwasher for Your Collectible Cups

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You’ve undoubtedly heard astir nan rabid fame of Stanley tumblers, pinch devotees of nan vacuum-insulated, stainless alloy drinking vessels collecting them pinch nan aforesaid “gotta drawback ’em all” cognition of a Pokémon player. But pinch awesome collections travel awesome responsibilities, astir notably attraction betwixt fill-ups. To thief Stanley aliases tumbler users support their favourite cups cleanable connected nan daily, LG revealed they’ve developed a typical slimline dishwasher specifically designed for rinsing reusable cups and tumblers.

Vertically oriented azygous tumbler cup dishwasher pinch ample vertical surface show stationed adjacent to a mini drying rack for a cup and a java machine.

LG claims nan bubble pitchy nozzle spray of nan mycup’s Quick Wash mode reduces h2o usage by 17 percent, according to tests conducted pinch Seoul National University.

Announced astatine CES 2024, nan LG mycup looks thing for illustration a accepted dishwasher. In fact, we’d opportunity its shape facet is much intimately hewn to that of an accusation stalls you mightiness find astatine an airport. The slim vertical creation is intended to fresh into kitchens pinch a minimal footprint, ideally situated adjacent to stations wherever users capable up their favourite tumblers each day.

The mycup accommodates only 1 alloy astatine a time, offering 1 of 2 cleaning programs – Quick Wash and Extra Wash. Both modes usage a 149-degree Fahrenheit basking h2o rhythm to guarantee each sip is germ free. The Quick Wash cleanable rhythm uses LG’s bubble pitchy exertion to lavation nan wrong of nan tumbler successful conscionable 30 seconds. In instances wherever nan tumbler requires further attention, nan Extra Wash programme adds an integrated air-drying creation to cleanable and mildly barren nan tumbler pinch a multi-directional h2o pitchy and powerful basking air.

Flip lid of nan LG mycup shown unfastened halfway.

Strangely, LG mycup’s cleaning rhythm must beryllium initiated utilizing nan LG mycup app, pinch nan precocious portion show dedicated to showing nan lavation position alternatively than operating arsenic a touchscreen control. Even so, location is nary request to support an oculus connected nan show itself, arsenic nan unit’s app is group to nonstop a notification erstwhile nan hygiene lavation rhythm is complete.

LG has yet to denote readiness aliases pricing of nan mycup, but it should beryllium arriving sooner than later. The societal media fueled craze for Stanley cups is apt to subside successful owed time, but nan fame of reusable cups and tumblers will apt proceed on, thing nan Korean electronics elephantine seems to beryllium betting upon pinch nan announcement of specified a specialized room cleaning appliance.

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