Lancaster University students launch Northern Design Festival for 2024

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We each cognize astir nan London Design Festival. But successful these days of distant moving and location powerhouses, nan days erstwhile everything successful nan creation manufacture needfully centred astir nan superior are agelong down us. So what astir nan remainder of nan country?

That's precisely what a group of students astatine Lancaster University led by Antonia Arbova thought. And they didn't conscionable moan into their subsidised beers: they did thing astir it.

In fact, they made truthful overmuch sound astir nan request for an balanced arena up North, that countless creation partners and brands person signed connected to support nan cause. And now for 2024, they're launching nan Northern Design Festival.

What is it?

The Northern Design Festival is simply a three-day show hosted successful Lancaster connected 17-19 May 2024. For these 3 days, nan humanities metropolis pinch a proud contented of accepted crafts will go a hub for Northern design, showcasing what section talent has to offer.

Through sheet discussions, presentations, workshops, mentorships and networking, nan show has collaborated pinch nan UK's Design Council, G.F Smith, Foilco, Nomad, Two Stories, SUN (Studio Up North), Fraser House, EXP, Kellanova and others.

With an opening arena connected nan Friday evening and 2 afloat days connected nan Saturday and Sunday, nan show will activity arsenic a imaginative motorboat pad for aspiring designers and creatives to research nan manufacture from different perspectives done experts successful nan imaginative community. The thought is to thief link nan section creation organization and make it bigger, louder and better, to unfastened up caller possibilities successful nan region.

Why is it needed?

If you're wondering why a Northern Design Festival is needed, you astir apt don't unrecorded successful Northern England. In confederate cities creatives are spoilt for choice, but opportunities are overmuch much constricted up North, depriving creatives of nan abstraction to prosecute their passions and link pinch nan manufacture extracurricular of education.

For instance, successful an online survey, nan Northern Design Committee recovered that only 12.5% of those studying a imaginative awesome astatine University of Lancaster consciousness prepared to participate nan imaginative industries aft their undergraduate degrees.

Additionally, 82.6% judge nan North does not person capable imaginative opportunities, and 78.3% consciousness location aren't capable imaginative opportunities successful Lancaster, making nan show a important measurement into nan correct direction.

Confirmed topics

Here's a sensation of what you tin expect astatine nan first Northern Design Festival this May:

North + South; nan communicative of a emotion dislike relationship: Shining a ray connected nan imaginative opportunity spread betwixt nan northbound and southbound and nan exploration of solutions.

How AI will not bargain your job...: A taxable to demystify nan conception of destructive ai into a creation instrumentality that will beforehand and not inhibit creativity.

Future Trends successful Design: A chat connected crafting unsocial and cohesive designs, on pinch effective approaches to item upcoming trends.

The worth of Design successful nan conflict for ambiance change: How to efficiently use sustainable creation methods to combating ambiance change.

Design successful nan Aftermath of nan Pandemic: Exploring nan opportunities created by nan pandemics preamble of hybrid co-design.

Your Journey: Share your travel into nan manufacture to animate and support our early designers.

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