Koto crafts a Mediterranean culinary story for Gustini

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Free images - Global marque and integer workplace Koto has completed a caller personality and built a caller e-shop for nan Italian nutrient marketplace Gustini.

Founded successful Leipzig, nan institution focuses connected sourcing and trading nutrient from mini Italian producers to a predominantly German audience. Its occurrence complete nan past 15 years was built connected authenticity and has led to beardown growth, which prompted a caller look astatine its identity.

Naturally, location was a batch of equity successful nan marque that Gustini did not want to lose, truthful nan little was centred connected embracing nan Mediterranean principle of 'La Dolce Vita/The Good Life' and nan stories surrounding producers, dedication to value and culinary adventures while aiming to grow its scope to a broader assemblage and pull a younger demographic.

The consequence is simply a clean, image-led tract that showcases Italy's producers and rich | culinary heritage, sitting alongside a recently crafted logotype by Koto, which pays tribute to classical Italian schematic design, echoing nan bold and ornate lettering recovered connected packaging and signage crossed Italy.

Sunset Gothic by Colophon – nan chosen typeface – strikes a equilibrium betwixt characteristic and legibility, while nan caller colour palette mirrors nan punchy and emotive principle of Italy: reddish terracottas, nan oversea and nan warmth of nan sun.

Complementing these visuals are marque patterns that represent nan maturation and accumulation of nan 11 chopped categories of products featured connected nan Gustini website. Drawing inspiration from nan accepted consequence wrappers often seen astatine Italian marketplace stalls, these patterns hint astatine nan intricate stories down each product.

A bid of secondary logos injects a consciousness of playfulness, providing a scope of logo variations perfectly suited for packaging and various marque touchpoints.

Fred North, imaginative head astatine Koto, adds: "Beyond nan ocular aesthetics, we undertook nan task of modernising and restructuring Gustini's e-commerce website. The extremity was to heighten personification navigation, pinch a typical attraction connected showcasing products and typical offers astatine pivotal moments of nan personification journey.

Koto, which has helped style brands specified arsenic Airbnb, Amazon Music, Netflix and WhatsApp, besides ensured that nan caller website creation would heighten personification navigation, focusing connected showcasing products and typical offers astatine pivotal moments of nan personification journey.

By improving nan personification experience, Gustini wanted to make it moreover easier for customers to discover, acquisition and person their favourite products delivered straight to their doorstep.

"Celebrating Italy's culinary practice and capturing its vibrant principle was astatine nan bosom of our collaboration pinch Gustini. We aimed to create an personality that mirrors nan rich | flavours and immersive stories of Italian cuisine, drafting inspiration from nan country's unthinkable history of schematic creation for nutrient and packaging.

"Our extremity was to trade a marque that not only resonates pinch their loyal fanbase but besides invites a new, younger assemblage to acquisition nan excellence of Italian products, knowing nan Gustini passion for value and nan brand's committedness to 'The Good Life'," adds Fred North.

The tract besides serves arsenic a level for telling nan compelling stories of nan hard-working producers down nan Italian products, thing which has ever been cardinal to nan company's appeal.

Gustini laminitis and CEO Jens Depenau adds: "With Koto connected board, we didn't conscionable onshore a marque agency; we sewage ourselves a imaginative partner. Together, we've infused vitality into our brand, adding important worth to nan Gustini experience. The successful rebranding process reflects our imagination and passion for offering high-quality Italian specialities pinch a fresh, modern twist."

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