Kinzo Designs a City Within an Office in Munich

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Architecture and interior creation agency Kinzo precocious completed a city-themed agency for Evangelisches Siedlungswerk (ESW), a Protestant societal lodging institution successful nan Hasenbergl vicinity of Munich. The area, erstwhile considered to beryllium socially disadvantaged, has undergone important municipality developments that person transformed Haselbergl into a lively, culturally divers locale. Now, pinch nan renewal and relocation of nan Munich main office, ESW tin beryllium a nonstop constituent of interaction for its residents successful its recently designed building.

white exterior of agency building

Because nan management section of ESW, which utilized to beryllium located successful different location successful Munich, was moving complete to this building, Kinzo added a 2nd level that’s lined pinch galore ample windows. While an agency that’s flooded pinch earthy ray sounds for illustration a dream activity environment, 1 downside is that it minimizes wall space. To antagonistic nan problem, Kinzo built 2 ample woody cuboids, which ingeniously solves a number of problems.

woman talking connected nan telephone successful woody structure

domed alcove integrated successful woody structure

textile specifications of agency alcove

First, nan caller structures zoned nan open-floor space, creating constrictive corridors adjacent to nan windows and visually separating 2 different areas. The woody volumes besides integrated respective niches and alcoves for individual heads-down activity aliases impromptu meetings. Three of nan rooms are enclosed by solid fronts to beryllium utilized arsenic convention rooms aliases telephone booths. Finally, nan structures supply further retention space, marked by nan perforated fronts that besides sorb nan noise.

man penning connected achromatic committee adjacent to convention room

green chair and woody broadside array successful convention room

yellow convention room

yellow fixture successful yellowish convention room

grey alcove successful woody cuboid

white activity array pinch 4 grey agency chairs

The continuous slatted ceiling, carpeting, textiles, and plants besides thief to dampen nan agency soundscape. The domed and gabled “roofs” of nan alcoves are a motion to nan metropolis taxable and nan basal activity of ESW.

woman wrong greenish alcove successful modern office

red kitchenette area of office

The worldly and colour palette of nan agency was cautiously considered pinch an accent connected sustainability. Kinzo chose oiled, three-layer wood boards alternatively of chipboard pinch precocious glue content, and nan upholstery are flax-blend textiles. Toned-down hues of superior colors make nan abstraction vibrant without appearing excessively loud, while nan warmth of nan wood provides a grounding, neutral backdrop.

perforated woody furniture front

perforated woody furniture front

trash and fridge icons

red kitchenette area of office

The caller ESW agency visually reflects nan thriving vicinity it’s located in, offering a modern abstraction for labor to collaborate and concentrate.

red kitchenette area of office

red chair adjacent to woody rounded table

Photography by Eduardo Perez.

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