Keiko Kimoto's experimental paintings are a delicate expression of pure joy

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The accumulation titled Okurerutaiyou: Delayed Sun runs from 29 February to 16 April. It contains pieces that day backmost to 2004 and will research themes of "collective unconsciousness, synchronicity, and archetypal phenomena," arsenic good arsenic references to Wabi-Sabi artistic concepts to create a unsocial narrative.

For viewers caller to nan activity of Keiko Kimoto, nan accumulation offers a unsocial glimpse into her imaginative practice. An avid creator since childhood, increasing up successful Toyooka, Keiko pursued good arts astatine nan Berlin University of Arts earlier spending nan adjacent 25 years successful nan city. Her creation seamlessly weaves ancient Japanese techniques pinch modern European elements, resulting successful a unsocial blend of precision, method mastery and affectional expression.

At nan bosom of nan accumulation is nan Japanese conception of Ma. This symbolises a region successful clip aliases a void successful space. In position of her paintings, Keiko represents this done nan basal clip and abstraction required for life to breathe, consciousness and connect. By delving deeper into Ma, these paintings analyse absurd spaces specified arsenic dreams, wherever figures look to dissolve aliases look from non-figurative spaces.

Beyond thematics, Keiko's creation is instantly recognisable and noteworthy, acknowledgment to her usage of speedy brushwood strokes and improvisation. Together, these create a paradoxical acquisition wherever fixed images create a consciousness of movement. This encourages viewers to prosecute much profoundly pinch her creation and contemplate their "imaginative depths."

Regarding her imaginative process, Keiko says, "I tie a statement without representation and an idea. The colour harmonises visually pinch my feelings, connecting pinch my emotions."

Displayed chronologically, nan paintings successful this accumulation travel Keiko arsenic she explores figuration via mini figures and women, arsenic good arsenic nan earthy world done symbols specified arsenic animals, trees, rainfall and woods, and dreamlike landscapes inspired by nan Japanese countryside.

These pieces besides spot Keiko research pinch a divers array of materials, specified arsenic Korean ceramics and agleam colours, which she applies successful a "unique symmetrical aesthetic" by simultaneously coating pinch some her near and correct hands.

As nan accumulation unfolds, viewers travel Keiko arsenic she branches retired into watercolours, oil, tempera and moreover coal. Built astir a colour palette of blues and greens, her activity gradually detaches itself from figuration and gradually leans towards abstraction. This results successful her later works, which displacement their attraction to spontaneity and playfulness.

Ultimately, Keiko's creation is simply a "delicate look of axenic joy." Inspired by her puerility experiences of watching nature, her paintings debar conveying judgement aliases making a statement. Instead, they are a ceremony of nan process of creating art. Indeed, erstwhile a coating is vanished and has served its purpose, Keiko moves consecutive connected to her adjacent imaginative project.

"The accumulation offers a uncommon glimpse into Keiko Kimoto's creator improvement complete nan past 2 decades, inviting viewers to research nan delicate intersection betwixt dreams and reality," says Claudia Schumacher, Director of Impulse Gallery.

"Her expertise to harmonise precision and spontaneity creates a captivating communicative that resonates pinch nan cosmopolitan connection of art."

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