JKR creates new brand system for expanded Uber

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When is simply a rebrand, not a rebrand? When it doesn't discard a marque sanction and complete a decade of world recognition?

Uber didn't request a caller sanction aliases logo – Wolff Olins re-designed nan company's logo successful 2018 – but nan business continues to evolve, adding nutrient delivery, freight carrier and AI investigation to its halfway business of 'ride requests'.

Global branding agency Jones Knowle Ritchie knew that its little wasn't to travel successful and commencement fresh, nan elemental achromatic and achromatic logo continues to guidelines out, but alternatively it was to thief Uber elevate its marque to lucifer its maturation goals, bringing together its various products and services nether a unified strategical approach, reflecting an expanding range, including grocery, pharmacy, and convenience transportation options.

In essence, JKR needed to heighten nan marque strategy to support Uber's modulation to a afloat mobility marque (go anywhere, get anything) pinch an adaptable marque architecture system.

JKR's main imaginative serviceman Tosh Hall explains: "Sometimes you don't person to alteration nan logo – and that's fine. Uber was a cleanable illustration of this. The rebrand backmost successful 2018 was precisely what nan business needed astatine that moment. Our occupation was to germinate it to bespeak nan business Uber is today, building a marque architecture that would echo its position arsenic a full-scale mobility brand.

"To do that, we had to find what was unique to them. So, we looked astatine nan travel representation and recovered nan original schematic language: nan circle, nan statement and nan square. Then we brought it to life, designing a elastic strategy that could turn and alteration pinch their ain description ."

JKR group retired to creation a marque connection that inspires group to reimagine Uber's imaginable to heighten their lives, doubling down connected what makes Uber unsocial and giving nan marque nan devices to show engaging stories astir what happens connected nan travel betwixt constituent A and constituent B.

Brands that proceed to grow connected their halfway business request creation elements that tin flex and accommodate on pinch accelerated growth; JKR has some expanded connected nan brand's existing unique assets and created caller ones.

The caller strategy ensures consistency and recognition, allowing audiences to easy place and prosecute pinch Uber's various services. While Uber's mobility offerings maintained their recognisable black-and-white aesthetic, different sectors of nan business – specified arsenic Uber Eats – now incorporated colour to unlock imaginative expression. JKR believes this attack reflects Uber's committedness to invention and adapting to divers marketplace segments while maintaining a premium acquisition for its expanding audiences.

Tosh Hall adds: "By defining what makes nan marque chopped and delivering a strategy and toolkit to bespeak that, we're enabling immoderate agency, whether successful PR, digital, aliases advertising, to prime up wherever we near off.

"That's because we're successful nan business of creating brands that tin beryllium coming crossed nan full user acquisition – allowing companies to interpret, evolve, and turn successful real-time; whether it's hailing a ride, ordering food, aliases receiving a delivery, nan refreshed marque architecture strategy allows users to easy place and prosecute pinch Uber's various services and empowers them to spell anyplace and get anything."

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