Illustrator Hanna Barczyk explores the concept of femininity through the 12 zodiac signs

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Instantly recognisable acknowledgment to her bold yet minimalist style, German-Hungarian creator Hanna Barczyk has antecedently created illustrations for nan likes of The MoMA, The New York Times and nan United Nations. In her latest bid for German women's mag Freundin, she tackles nan acquainted signs of nan zodiac and gives them a uniquely feminine spin.

The bid is not nan first clip Hanna has worked pinch Freundin. Having already established a awesome moving narration pinch nan magazine's creation director, Nina Banneyer, she was specially selected past October to create nan yearly 2024 horoscopes.

This time, nan little Hanna was commissioned pinch asked her to exemplify each zodiac motion pinch a consciousness of sensuality and spirituality, pinch an wide gentle and dreamy feel. It was besides important for Hanna to separate each motion from nan others by their temperament, characteristics and symbols. As nan results show for themselves, she easy achieved this.

"Beyond that, I had nan imaginative state to construe nan task successful my style," Hanna tells Creative Boom. "As my attraction is chiefly connected illustrating women successful a conceptual, emotional, and figurative capacity, it felt earthy to spot nan female shape astatine nan centre of each illustration — portraying each characteristic arsenic powerful, yet gentle."

Hanna's speciality is transforming analyzable ideas into elemental imaginative solutions, and it's a accomplishment she expertly deployed successful this series. To pass a consciousness of femininity successful these illustrations, she relied connected clever usage of delicate lines, colours, and forms and deftly harnessed creation to create a narrative.

"The last creation portion represents each zodiac motion arsenic a unsocial personality, focusing connected women," she explains. "Horoscopes and nan beingness often travel pinch a consciousness of mystery, and I wanted to seizure this consciousness of enigma that indirectly encapsulates romance."

To seizure nan characteristic of each astrological sign, Hanna researched nan characteristic traits associated pinch each one, drew aggregate drafts, and past made an informed determination connected which female to exemplify utilizing a operation of symbols and traits.

This attack proved fruitful, arsenic moreover though she was good acquainted pinch a fewer circumstantial signs, Hanna had to spell further in-depth pinch others. Not that this sounded for illustration an unwelcome imaginable for nan artist. "I've ever wanted to exemplify a afloat horoscope!" she adds. "My passion is to create creation that combines narrative, concept, and symbolism, focusing connected women."

Indeed, it sounds for illustration Hanna's ain familiarity pinch nan zodiac signs had an effect connected nan project. "As a Libra, I judge that I embody immoderate of nan traits associated pinch seeking harmony, balance, peace, and justice," she says.

"These characteristics power my soul imaginative approach, aliases civilized compass, starring maine to prioritise projects that are meaningful and emphasise relationship and support to create a much compassionate and serene world."

As good arsenic her artwork for nan Libra sign, Hanna is peculiarly proud of her illustrations for Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. "I for illustration them for nan usage of colour and nan measurement I composed nan main fig connected nan page," she concludes.

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