Edson Sabajo teases definitive series on Dutch hip-hop history

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Dutch hip-hop was 40 years aged past year, and a corporate of nan subculture's pioneers are each portion of a short movie that teases an upcoming docuseries.

The Panics Film and irrie teamed up pinch Patta, co-founder and hip-hop ambassador, Edson Sabajo, to create a movie connected nan origins of nan euphony genre successful nan Netherlands.

Newly released connected YouTube, nan impervious of conception short features legendary names for illustration Deams, All-Star Fresh, Popski and Mick La Rock. Curated by Edson and Deams, nan short was directed by 48 WATTS.

From early beginnings astatine Fat Beats, Amsterdam's Sabajo has been witnesser to arguably 1 of nan astir influential subcultures nan world has ever seen. Over nan past 40 years, hip-hop has grown into each aspects of Dutch society, and this caller bid will attraction connected nan nationwide communicative arsenic it develops decade by decade.

Structured astir nan 4 pillars of hip-hop - MCing, DJing, breaking and graffiti - Edson gets nan shot rolling by driving america done nan cityscape of his heroes. Producers irrie and The Panics Film asked directing duo 48 WATTS (Evani Gilds and Seretse Fulani) to return connected this first foray backmost successful time.

With nan afloat bid now successful development, nan scheme is to research Dutch hip-hop's bequest successful much detail, giving capable clip to stock each nan faces and places. Edson Sabajo and James Goode (Executive Producer, Gay Chorus Deep South) will subordinate forces pinch Ania Markham and Neil Henry connected this adjacent measurement of nan journey.

Discussions pinch imaginable co-production and distribution partners are presently exploring really to bring nan afloat communicative of this philharmonic creation shape to nan hip-hop-loving organization and a wider audience.

Presenter Edson Sabajo adds: "This is simply a communicative we request to show arsenic we've lived it, and it's already 40 years. It has to beryllium remembered and passed connected to early generations arsenic it's excessively important to let to softly walk by. The men and women each complete nan Netherlands who person shaped wherever Dutch hip-hop is coming merit to beryllium celebrated. And immoderate of their stories whitethorn conscionable astonishment and amended moreover nan astir progressive and dedicated to our culture."

Directors 48 WATTS correspond nan adjacent procreation of hip-hop and says it was important to seizure nan first 4 faces successful nan short arsenic 'heroes' who defined nan subculture, creating thing which nan spectator wants to watch complete and complete again.

Producer Ania Markham (The Panics Film) explains: "Hip-hop is not conscionable astir music. It's nan coming together of 4 chopped pillars, each hinged successful axenic creativity. Our ngo pinch this conception short was to showcase a circumstantial attack and style of storytelling we'd for illustration to usage for nan series.

"It captures nan joyousness of hip-hop but besides seamlessly incorporates nan ocular history we person each astir us. Our dream is that nan bid tin prosecute a wide scope of audiences, not only shedding ray connected nan pioneers who helped style Dutch hip-hop arsenic we acquisition it coming but besides animate group to link pinch this typical civilization arsenic it continues to evolve."

There are besides respective accompanying merchandise releases and organization events planned to support nan bid passim 2024. See nan movie connected YouTube aliases watch it correct here.

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