Blurr Bureau tackles nostalgic brief for Flings

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Creating a marque travel that inspires childlike joyousness was cardinal to nan little Flings gave to nan Blurr Bureau studio.

Flings is nan brainchild of 2 nutrient entrepreneurs – Dino Vassiliou and Benjamin Outmezguine, who took nan much-loved toaster pastry snack and transformed it into a healthier, much earthy big treat.

The saccharine snacks travel successful 3 flavours and are keto-friendly, gluten-free, and incorporate zero artificial colours.

But nan full vibe of nan merchandise goes against nan wellness train, evoking nan comfortableness foods galore of america enjoyed arsenic kids – erstwhile we didn't cognize (or didn't care) that nan sweetener precocious and carb load would beryllium followed by a crash.

Enter Blurr Bureau, nan New York and Melbourne-based brand-building agency, answering nan Flings' little to create nostalgia and ignite childlike joyousness done nan branding, reside of sound and packaging of an old-time favourite snack that reminds group of their youth.

The ocular and verbal marque communicative Blurr created acknowledges some nan nutritional and affectional needs of big snackers. The marque touch points carrier group to a clip earlier nan net erstwhile life was little digitised, nutrient won connected flavour and oozed playful energy.

Blurr Bureau laminitis Jessica Dimcevski says: "From a creation lens, nan squad wanted to encapsulate cardinal emotions: nostalgia, childlike positivity, and fun. There are not a batch of nutrient items that specify nan baby-boomer generation, for illustration nan classical toaster pastry. They were convenient and comparatively cheap; each kid knew of them, loved them, and grew up eating them.

"The situation was to guarantee nan marque connection balanced lightness and cheekiness pinch designs that besides appealed to nan health-conscious."

The little was multi-layered. On 1 level, Flings' marque personality and each its supporting assets are needed to seizure nan emotion of puerility and nan thrill of after-school treats. On different level – based connected extended user investigation – nan squad discovered that adults are perpetually looking for nan life-hack of sugary snacks. Consumers are serial snackers who perpetually hunt for that snack that satisfies their tastebuds and represses nan guilt.

Jessica Dimcevski adds: "Through our research, which spanned complete 2 years and crossed some nan US and Canada, we discovered that arsenic these children sewage older – and arsenic nan world became much health-conscious – this acquired sensation grew pinch them, and nan marketplace was expanding to see older consumers who were looking for not only convenience and familiarity but besides immoderate wellness benefits.

"What we discovered was that adults were craving a clip erstwhile brands were much authentic, much analogue. Visually, nan marque connection we created looks for illustration Flings travelled backmost successful nan '80s and backmost to nan coming dressed successful velvet and possibly a brace of bright, happy pants. Utilising a retro-futuristic guidance crossed each touchpoints – we joined nostalgic textures and patterns pinch much modern, clever language."

It took Blurr and Flings complete 2 years to put nan merchandise connected nan shelves and wrong nan first period of its motorboat nan marque exceeded its income target by 100%.

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