Athletics puts people and play at the heart of ShareFile's vibrant new identity

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Founded successful 2005, ShareFile is simply a unafraid unreality collaboration instrumentality that allows group to motion and stock integer documents. Since then, it's grown and transformed, pinch unreality computing institution Citrix acquiring it successful 2011. More recently, ShareFile was acquired by Cloud Software Group, which presented it pinch nan opportunity to "narrate its ain evolution" successful nan shape of a rebrand.

To realise this ambition, ShareFile brought successful Athletics to show its story. Having antecedently worked connected Citrix's 2020 rebrand, I felt they were nan cleanable workplace for nan job. And nan startling results that revolve astir quality elements and modern customer experiences beryllium they were nan correct choice.

For a level based connected tools, information and efficiency, it would beryllium easy to deliberation that ShareFile posed a tricky imaginable for a rebrand. However, nan Athletics squad cleverly looked astatine this proposition from a different perspective. Instead, it focused connected really ShareFile improves nan lives of its customers, existent group pinch needs and expectations.

"The marque we developed to show this caller communicative would put group astatine nan centre," nan Athletics squad explained. "Every constituent of nan marque strategy and acquisition would underscore nan easiness pinch which ShareFile helps customers — and their clients — do their champion activity by simplifying communication, smoothing collaboration, and automating repetitive tasks."

This attack tin beryllium seen passim nan full identity, from nan photography, colour palettes, and moreover small specifications successful nan logomark, composed of a delightful pinwheel of checkmarks. All of which helps to "tell a communicative of guardant motion, of flow, and nan joyousness of completing 1 task aft another."

The logo, successful particular, is simply a fascinating microcosm of nan rebrand successful action. Each individual cheque comes to life successful various ways, animating into a vibrant prima aliases a flywheel. It's a clever caller rotation connected a acquainted awesome successful nan ShareFile ecosystem and helps to alteration thing that could beryllium seen arsenic barren and bureaucratic into thing nosy and engaging.

Meanwhile, nan instauration of nan wordmark is PP Mori, drawn by Pangram Pangram Foundry. This versatile and blase gothic sans serif font is inspired by modern Japanese creation and creates a highly functional and unsocial aesthetic, complete pinch playful diacritics and punctuation marks.

Accompanying these elements is simply a superior colour palette of neutral colours and much vibrant, supportive hues. This gives ShareFile a elastic instauration for nan marque strategy and immoderate early communications to which it's applied. Gradients are utilized to tie nan personification successful and create a consciousness of texture and "emotional resonance". They besides thief to service arsenic a move inheritance for different marque assets.

Photography, 3D assets, illustrations and animations are besides deployed by nan Athletics squad to spot group astatine nan very bosom of ShareFile's caller look. These see photographs of homes and home-like offices, positive shapes that thin into nan aforesaid "emotional and aspirational space" arsenic nan colour gradients.

"Our photographic attack would statesman pinch lukewarm portraiture," Athletics explains. "Featuring group successful relatable activity environments, it allows america to show stories astir existent personas and solid, reliable usage cases and brings quality warmth to a tech abstraction saturated pinch merchandise screens. We want supra each to item moments of connection, joy, and thoughtfulness, pushing beyond what we deliberation of erstwhile we think, 'people astatine work.'"

The room of spot illustrations made up of standalone images that tie attraction to a circumstantial detail, further helps underline ShareFile'svalue proposition. And they negociate to do this while bringing a " deeper furniture of warmth and approachability to nan marque system."

"The full of nan strategy comes to vibrant life successful integer exertion — nan ShareFile website, for one, but besides successful merchandise UI itself," Athletics concludes.

"To correspond and animate product, we developed a spectrum of illustration: connected 1 end, a profoundly functional, astir 1:1 depiction of merchandise screens; successful nan middle, respective abstracted elements of UI that show a much focused characteristic story; and connected nan different end, an expressive fusion of photography, illustration, and UI elements."

"Considering nan captious domiciled that mobility plays successful nan marque system, we developed a toolkit and definitive guidelines for its deployment. Working pinch ShareFile astir respective cardinal milestones connected their trading calendar, we soon sewage to deploy nan toolkit successful full, pinch respective reels and anthem videos that were scripted, designed, and developed to activate nan rebrand successful full."

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