Wait, has this church hijacked the Steam logo?

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Steam logo
(Image credit: 4ourthdimension via Reddit)

Online games supplier Steam appears to beryllium facing an improbable logo copycat from nary different than nan New Jerusalem Church. Since its creation successful 2002, nan Steam logo has been synonymous pinch nan world of PC gaming, but it seems that for nan patrons of this humble location of God, it's taken connected a wholly different meaning.

While Steam has evolved pinch ever-changing gaming trends complete nan years, its iconic logo has remained mostly unchanged. It's undoubtedly a fitting creation for nan gaming platform, but that begs nan mobility – why has it seemingly been hijacked by this church?

Should I study this religion (of our Lord and Savior GabeN) for copyright/trademark infringement? from r/Steam

This overseas logo abduction was brought to attraction by Reddit personification 4ourthdimension, who shared nan motion pinch nan charismatic Steam subreddit, questioning if Steam should beryllium notified of nan alleged 'infringement'. Coming crossed nan different motion during an evening drive, they were truthful confused that they "had to do a double take," and move astir to seizure nan bizarre design. 

Understandably, chap subreddit users were perplexed by nan improbable logo cameo. Many speculated that nan motion was not professionally made – possibly nan consequence of immoderate amateur creation from 1 of nan religion members. "In my mind nan boy of personification pinch nan determination making powerfulness played them," 1 personification commented, while different questioned, "Why would a religion moreover take that arsenic a logo?"

Steam logo

The Steam logo looks a batch for illustration nan New Jerusalem Church's logo. (Image credit: Valve Corporation )

As of writing, it's unclear why nan religion has appeared to transcript nan logo, particularly fixed nan mechanical creation and evident connotation to nan gaming sphere. Who knows, possibly this faction of nan New Jerusalem Church has a beardown gamer congregation, aliases it whitethorn beryllium wholly coincidental. One thing's for certain, it's 1 of nan strangest logo copycats I've ever seen.

In akin news, nan Rockstar Games logo dispute has been causing conflict successful nan gaming world – tin you really trademark nan missive 'R'? For much logo creation news, return a look astatine nan NFL Super Bowl logo conspiracy that has fans successful a frenzy.

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