Thirst builds on Milton Glaser's iconic work for Brooklyn Brewery with launch of new masterbrand

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It feels for illustration it's only been astir for a short while, possibly marking nan dizzy heights of nan craft brew revolution, but Brooklyn Brewery was really founded successful New York successful 1988 by friends Steve Hindy and Tom Potter. Since then, it's go a starring marque successful nan drinks space, possibly owing overmuch of its early occurrence to Milton Glaser, who created its iconic logo and identity.

The existent Brooklyn world masterbrand personality was updated by Robot Food successful 2020, replacing Glasers' original logo from 1988 and it remains untouched. The simplified logo by nan Leeds agency paid homage to nan original while removing immoderate clutter and expanding legibility pinch typography crafted by nan very talented Rob Clarke. The brand's secondary logo and scope packaging creation strategy – for cans, bottles and multipacks – was besides introduced by Robot Food arsenic portion of nan aforesaid little "to bring consistency and cohesion to an ever expanding scope of products".

Now, world agency Thirst has built connected that bequest by evolving nan masterbrand personality for nan brewery, bringing further consistency and cohesion to its expanding scope of products while retaining overmuch of what Glaser (and Robot Food) did truthful beautifully.

It's portion of Thirst's ongoing imaginative business pinch Brooklyn Brewery, alongside partner Carlsberg Group. It follows nan agency's caller activity for Brooklyn Pilsner and Pulp Art and refreshing nan existing identities of galore different sub-brands. But pinch each portion enjoying its ain beardown personality, Brooklyn Brewery wanted to consolidate its assets while adding immoderate consistency to its ocular personality worldwide.

As you tin see, nan masterbrand strategy was built astir evolution, not revolution, arsenic nan marque is globally recognised and already successful. No, this was astir honouring nan original imaginative thought alongside a caller cardinal conception that everything Brooklyn Brewery does and makes is reflected successful its location borough of Brooklyn, which "isn't conscionable a place, but a mindset", arsenic it explains, hence nan strapline: 'The Brooklyn State of Mind'.

"Thirst identified an opportunity to create a bold, culturally iconic and instantly recognisable masterbrand to unify our image globally while staying existent to our Brooklyn heritage," Karli Bainbridge from Brooklyn Brewery explains.

How would they do that? "Achieving consistency while retaining nan chopped psyche of a marque is nan situation and delight pinch immoderate caller creation iteration," says Matt Burns from Thirst. "This was particularly existent for Brooklyn Brewery, wherever we consciousness a genuine relationship pinch nan brand. Our heavy knowing of what Brooklyn Brewery stands for was a halfway strategical spot that helped america guideline nan customer done nan improvement of nan masterbrand to its deployment crossed markets."

Of course, anyone could get carried distant pinch specified a fascinating situation and well-loved brand. As Thirst had to tread carefully, nan branding workout proved complex, peculiarly pinch truthful galore group involved. According to Thirst, it was besides an "exercise successful restraint and simplicity". Therefore, nan extremity was to create a ocular strategy that would let nan Brooklyn marque to radiance while celebrating its existing sub-brand identities.

How Thirst achieved this was done a achromatic framework instrumentality featuring nan Brooklyn Brewery marque people – this is nan unifying backdrop for capturing and sharing nan unsocial tone of nan borough, pinch different taglines for world usage – specified arsenic 'This is Brooklyn' internationally, and successful nan States, 'Always successful nan Making'. The framework tin besides showcase marque campaigns, a azygous sub-brand, aliases what Thirst describes arsenic endless combinations of aggregate sub-brands arsenic needed – each while maintaining consistency.

Thirst revisited and refined each halfway and sub-brand assets arsenic portion of nan work, simplifying really they coexist and travel to life beyond nan brand's packaging. Then, to build nickname of nan masterbrand, nan creation strategy uses nan iconic superior logo, primitively designed by Glaser successful nan precocious eighties (for his effort, Glaser received a stock successful nan institution successful return), wherever possible. A bigger quality is seen successful Thirst's accommodation of nan secondary logo, nan horizontal wordmark, which intends to adhd effect while retaining beardown ocular links pinch nan superior logo.

Elsewhere, Thirst has introduced immoderate lovely-looking off-pack patterns for each sub-brand. These patterns enactment arsenic distilled versions of nan characteristic and characteristic of each drink, which could let immoderate operation of beers to coexist together, complementing nan superior packs without visually competing pinch 1 another.

Thirst explains, "Its elastic layout strategy lends nan masterbrand versatility, power and cohesion, ensuring visuals tin beryllium scaled for each media requirements and enabling section teams successful each marketplace to showcase nan brand."

"This isn't creation for design's sake," adds Burns. "It takes patience, clip and respective rounds of loop to get astatine nan correct solution that is satisfying, seamless and supra all, easy applicable everywhere."

The caller activity is now rolling retired globally.

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