These are the two most epic gaming monitor deals around right now

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Free images - If you're looking for 1 of nan best ultrawide monitors for your gaming setup past we whitethorn person recovered your adjacent payday acquisition pinch these epic Amazon deals. There's a Samsung 32-inch Odyssey Neo G7 pinch an awesome 38% disconnected correct now, bringing nan value down from nan accustomed $1,299.99 to $799.99 astatine Amazon. 

Need a somewhat bigger display? We've besides recovered this woody connected nan 34-inch LG UltraGear QHD show - pinch an awesome 160Hz refresh complaint - down to just $546.99 astatine Amazon from nan accustomed $749.99. These ultrawide displays tin return up a spot of room connected your desk, but they're wholly worthy it if you for illustration immersive gaming. 

If these aren't rather nan deals for you but you still request a reliable gaming monitor, past return a look astatine our guides to the best monitors for PS5, arsenic good arsenic our best 4K monitors guide to see arsenic well. 

Today's champion gaming show deals

Below you'll find nan champion deals and lowest prices connected apical spec gaming monitors successful your region and worldwide, utilizing our clever shopping widgets. 

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