These are the jobs Hollywood bosses think AI will replace

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AI written successful 3D letters pinch a halo and a devil's tail

Free images - Generative AI is causing a batch of disruption successful imaginative sectors. For immoderate people, it's helping them to do nan astir tiresome parts of their jobs faster, but it's besides started to switch immoderate jobs entirely, and that extends to Hollywood.

A caller study commissioned by a quartet of arts organisations surveyed 300 executives, producers and mid-level mangers to uncover really immoderate of nan astir powerful group successful nan intermezo manufacture deliberation generative AI will impact their HR needs. The results make for sobering reference while shedding ray connected nan roles successful film, TV and gaming astir apt to beryllium astir impacted.

Figures from a study connected nan effect of AI connected imaginative jobs

A fig from nan report, Future Unscripted (Image credit: CVL Economics)

AI played a domiciled successful nan writers’ and actors’ strikes successful Hollywood past year. However, nan study suggests that those jobs are among those that will beryllium slightest affected by AI successful nan coming years (although nan agreements reached aft nan onslaught possibly influenced nan execs' reasoning here).

Instead, nan jobs highlighted arsenic astir susceptible are successful 3D modeling, characteristic and situation design, sound procreation and cloning and compositing. These are followed by sound design, instrumentality programming, book writing, animation and rigging, conception art/visual improvement and light/texture generation.

Around a 3rd of respondents expected AI to displace 3D modelers, sound editors, re-recording mixers and broadcast, audio and video technicians by 2026. A 4th thought that sound designers, compositors and schematic designers would besides beryllium affected. A comparatively debased 15 per cent mentioned storyboard artists, illustrators, animators and look, aboveground and worldly artists.

It's possibly surprising, and concerning, to spot 3D modeling featuring truthful highly erstwhile generative AI abilities successful 3D are still comparatively limited. But this was besides nan area nan study recovered to beryllium astir susceptible successful nan gaming industry, on pinch conception art/visual developing, followed by characteristic and situation design, sound design, devices programming and sound procreation and cloning. Some 20 per cent believed 3D artists, crippled designers, UI/UX designers and video crippled testers could besides suffer their work.

The study makes for stark reference for sound designers successful nan euphony manufacture too, pinch 50 per cent of respondents expecting occupation losses successful this area. Some 40 per cent expected disruption for euphony editors, audio technicians and sound engineers.

The study suggests that 62,000 intermezo jobs successful California and a further 204,000 crossed nan US arsenic a full will beryllium affected successful nan adjacent 3 years alone, pinch entry-level positions astir vulnerable. Three quarters of those surveyed said AI had already led to nan elimination, simplification aliases consolidation of jobs successful their area. 

Is location immoderate bully news? Most study participants said AI has created and will proceed to create caller occupation opportunities. However, it’s not clear if these roles will beryllium applicable to nan group whose jobs disappear.

Figures from a study connected nan effect of AI connected imaginative jobs

Where nan effect of AI is expected to beryllium felt successful film, TV and animation (Image credit: CVL Economics)

The study was undertaken successful nan US by nan consulting patient CVL Economics, commissioned by nan Concept Art Association, The Animation Guild, The Human Artistry Campaign and The National Cartoonists Society Foundation. The Animation Guild, which has expressed concerns astir nan threat of AI, says it intends to usage nan results of nan study to pass its bargaining strategy.

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