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Atari Gamestation Portable; a retro console handheld connected a parkland bench
(Image credit: MyArcade)

While nan biggest gaming handheld motorboat of 2024 will beryllium Nintendo Switch 2, I can't thief but beryllium hyped for MyArcade's beautiful looking Atari Gamestation Portable. This smart small retro gaming handheld looks for illustration 50 years of Atari knowhow successful 1 smart device. And yes, I besides emotion nan 1980s beige and orangish design. It's definite to beryllium 1 of this year's best retro consoles.

Announced astatine this year's CES, nan Atari Gamestation Portable is simply a retro gaming delight arsenic it doubles down connected nan measurement we played Atari games successful nan 70s and 80s and doesn't make immoderate concessions for modern gamers. The consequence is simply a handheld retro console that adds to nan acquainted D-pad and look buttons pinch Atari-specific controllers: nan Trak-Ball, Paddle, and Keypad.

Atari arsenic a marque is having a renaissance astatine nan moment. Our Atari 2600+ console review scored this instrumentality highly, while nan institution acquired retro crippled master developers Digital Eclipse and Nightdive Studios successful 2023, arsenic good arsenic put retired a telephone to indie developers for caller games. When it comes to making nan astir from nostalgia, Atari is simply a marque maestro correct now.

MyArcade Gamestation Portable; a retro handheld console connected a parkland bench

The caller Atari Gamestation Portable features a neat 1980s design, including seldom utilized Track-Ball and paddle controllers. (Image credit: MyArcade)

Having grown up pinch nan Atari 2600 and its innovative paddle controller and wasted hours successful nan arcades utilizing nan Missile Command Trak-Ball, I emotion that some these creation ideas are making a return successful nan caller MyArcade handheld. The mini retro gaming handheld features a mini-Trak-Ball beneath nan D-pad and small miniature paddle-like controller above, cleanable for a crippled of Breakout. 

One controller I ne'er utilized is nan aged video touch pad controller, fundamentally a grid of 12 buttons utilized for puzzle games and sims specified arsenic Brain Games and Codebreaker. Even this niche controller style that fewer would person enjoyed is being catered for successful nan Atari Gamestation Portable, subtly designed into nan console's beige, brownish and orangish stripes, conscionable beneath nan modular ABXY buttons.

Having grown up pinch nan Atari 2600 and its innovative paddle controller and Trak-Ball, I emotion that some these creation ideas are making a return

The Atari Gamestation Portable looks for illustration a bully blend of aged ideas and caller technology; it features a seven-inch high-resolution display, two rear-mounted USB type-C ports and moreover a small kickstand. What I emotion is really nan operation of tech and creation besides brings to life really you'll play nan handheld, pinch LEDs illuminating which group of its controllers nan loaded crippled supports.

A last statement of detail, MyArcade has developed its ain OS for nan Atari Gamestation Portable, ensuring nan promised 200 positive games astatine motorboat will play perfectly. I'm assured this caller retro handheld will impress, MyArcade's scope of retro consoles are already patient favourites.

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