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MacBook M3 prices
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I want to make thing clear consecutive away. This page will – pinch a small thief of a clever spot of package – bring successful each of nan champion unrecorded deals connected nan latest 14-inch MacBook Pro pinch nan mighty M3 spot (released successful 2023). What it won't do is bring successful nan prices that you would needfully like. 

You see, nan MacBook Pro (M3, 2023) only came retired recently, and it features Apple's absolute up-to-date tech. This doesn't travel inexpensive astatine retail, and location haven't been immoderate meaningful deals connected this exemplary arsenic of yet. Right now, nan champion I deliberation you tin realistically expect to find are discounts of up to $100/£100 off. This will apt beryllium astir nan upcoming Amazon Prime Day held successful July.

As pinch astir Apple MacBooks, different configurations tin earnestly impact nan price. The 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro starts astatine $1,599/£1,699 for nan minimum magnitude of RAM and storage, while there's besides a 16-inch exemplary disposable for $2,499/£2,599 (and that's earlier we travel to nan M3 Pro and M3 Max chips). 

I'm only focusing connected nan 14-inch exemplary for this guide, arsenic let's beryllium honest, who really needs (or tin afford) thing greater than this? Below you'll find nan champion existent prices connected this MacBook Pro successful your region, but ultimately, nan determination connected which M3 MacBook Pro to bargain is yours. 

The champion MacBook Pro M3, 14-inch prices

The caller MacBook Pro M3

(Image credit: Apple)

MacBook Pro (M3, 2023, 14-inch)

The champion M3 MacBook Pro for nan majority.

CPU: Apple M3 (8-core) | Graphics: 10-core GPU | RAM: 8GB - 24GB | Storage: 512GB - 2TB | Display: 14-inch mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR show | Power Adapter: 70W aliases 96W USB-C | Ports: Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports, HDMI port, SDXC paper slot, headphone jack, MagSafe 3 port

M3 spot offers powerful performance

Boost connected graphics

Bright 555.8 nits display 

Less ports than nan M3 Pro model

Only 1 outer show supported 

The entry-level 14-inch MacBook Pro M3 has a batch to connection correct retired of nan container – pinch enhanced processing powerfulness for multitasking acknowledgment to nan M3 chip, other ports for illustration an SD paper slot and HDMI larboard (which will nary uncertainty impressment imaginative pros), and not to mention nan slim and sleek creation that keeps it portable for commuters. 

It has a mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR show that has been adapted pinch greater brightness (555.8 nits according to Tom's Guide) and vivid renderings pinch a graphics boost tin of 120Hz refresh complaint which makes it suitable for ray gaming. The artillery life is said to person been upgraded too, lasting astir 17 hours. 

As we mentioned, nan value for this Mac starts from $1,599 for basal specs, but you tin upgrade further to 16GB of unified RAM for a hefty $200 extra, aliases arsenic precocious arsenic 24GB for $400 (yikes). The value for a Mac pinch nan minimum spec M3 Pro spot will group you backmost astatine slightest $1,999 and nan M3 Max astatine an eye-watering $3,199. 

 We person to wonderment wherever nan beastly M3 Pro and M3 Pro Max laptops beryllium wrong Apple's MacBook lineup. We tin opportunity pinch certainty that these aren't for students, and moreover casual users mightiness beryllium retired of their depth. That's why we urge you opt for nan 14-inch M3 exemplary for wide use, but imaginative professionals pinch much demanding workloads whitethorn use from nan powerfulness of nan M3 Pro aliases M3 Max.

If you deliberation nan M3 spot won't trim done your workload, present are nan champion existent deals and unrecorded prices connected nan MacBook Pro 14-inch M3 Pro and M3 Max models from retailers successful your region.


What's a bully value for nan MacBook Pro M3?

The unit value for nan M3 MacBook Pro models astir apt won't beryllium coming down immoderate clip soon, fixed that they were only released successful November 2023. However, we did spot immoderate tempting value cuts complete Black Friday specified arsenic $200 disconnected nan 14-inch M3 Pro exemplary astatine B&H Photo, and £149 disconnected nan modular 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro astatine Amazon successful nan UK. 

Let's return it exemplary by model. The 14-inch MacBook Pro (M3, 2023) has a  retail value of $1,599, truthful thing adjacent to this is considered a bully deal.  

The 14-inch MacBook Pro (M3 Pro, 2023) exemplary starts astatine $1,999, truthful you don't want to beryllium paying thing complete $2k unless you person nan specs to spell pinch it. 

Lastly, nan 14-inch MacBook Pro (M3 Max, 2023) exemplary has a starting value of $3,199 – and if you inquire america – paying thing complete this value for a MacBook is conscionable silly money (unless you're Scrooge McDuck). 

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