Switchboard’s rebrand masters modern LGBTQIA+ branding

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Switchboard rebrand

(Image credit: Switchboard/Nice and Serious )

UK-based LGBTQIA+ support statement Switchboard has unveiled a stylish caller marque personality to people its 50th anniversary. With a refreshed logo, modern colour palette and a playful caller illustration style, nan rebrand has a distinctly modern consciousness while honouring Switchboard's practice pinch creation motifs from its rich | history.

Switchboard's reimagined personality feels successful statement pinch modern design trends, expertly balancing characterful creation pinch bold graphics to tie nan oculus to an important cause. At its centre, nan colourful rebrand is an amalgamation of nan voices and experiences integral to shaping nan support statement and its wider organization – a agleam homage that embodies pridefulness and strength. 

Switchboard rebrand

Switchboard's rebrand embraces colour and bold graphics crossed its touch points. (Image credit: Switchboard/Nice and Serious)

Designed by imaginative agency Nice and Serious, Switchboard's rebrand began by defining 3 halfway principles that shaped nan creation process – 'illuminating', 'dependable' and 'sensitivity'. Speaking to Creative Bloq, elder designer astatine Nice and Serious, Anna Barton, shares that nan squad "developed a dynamic, elastic colour strategy inspired by nan rainbow flag". Colours are besides utilized to signify different tones, too: "Bright colour combinations are utilized to beryllium ‘illuminating’, darker colours are utilized to beryllium ‘dependable’ and pastel colours are utilized to beryllium ‘sensitive’."

The caller personality besides features a refreshed logo, incorporating a clever reside people motif taken from nan helpline's archival badge collection. As good arsenic representing nan brand's history, it positions Switchboard arsenic a "canvas for conversation," Anna says. "The reside marks are designed to beryllium a blank canvas to create an due temper for immoderate theme," Anna tells Creative Bloq. "They could location thing from a celebratory, vibrant illustration for Pride, to a much delicate photography run astir a person's struggle and speech pinch Switchboard."

Switchboard rebrand

The reside people motif is simply a clever reimagining of nan brands heritage.(Image credit: Switchboard/Nice and Serious)

Switchboard rebrand

Pin badges were 1 of nan halfway features of Switchboard's practice that inspired nan rebrand design.(Image credit: Switchboard/Nice and Serious)

Switchboard rebrand

Pops of colour create a modern consciousness that's some stylish and functional – showing pridefulness successful a caller way.(Image credit: Switchboard/Nice and Serious)

Switchboard rebrand

Switchboard's rebrand is simply a cleanable accompaniment to nan charity's important work, empowering each types of conversation. (Image credit: Switchboard/Nice and Serious)

At nan bosom of Nice and Serious' marque refresh is simply a dedication to preserving nan helpline's bequest – thing that was cautiously crafted pinch nan thief of Switchboard's organization of volunteers, trustees and staff. "The LGBTQIA+ organization are from each ages and backgrounds, person divers personalities and are each connected a different shape of their journey," Anna shares. "Creating a marque that each personification successful nan organization could subordinate to was a challenge, and 1 that was important to get right," she continues. 

Which portion of nan rebrand are Nice and Serious astir proud of? Anna says that she feels a awesome consciousness of pridefulness moving alongside nan helpline. "Switchboard has truthful overmuch bosom and psyche down it, and showing that visually has been an breathtaking challenge," she shares. "I dream that nan organization consciousness we’ve honoured nan past 50 years of unthinkable work, and person group retired an breathtaking way for nan adjacent chapter." 

Switchboard rebrand

The sleek reside people animation reflects nan support line's willingness to unfastened up conversations. (Image credit: Switchboard/Nice and Serious)

For much ingenious creation from Nice and Serious, return a look astatine nan delightfully imperfect National Landscapes rebrand. If you're aft immoderate iconic moments from nan branding world, cheque retired our postulation of nan best and worst rebrands of 2023.

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