Sprite’s naked bottles are underwhelming at best

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Sprite label-less pacakaging
(Image credit: Coca-Cola Company)

Coca-Cola has announced that it will beryllium stripping Sprite bottles of its labels successful an effort to streamline nan recycling process. While immoderate effort astatine much eco-conscious believe is ne'er a bad thing, Coca-Cola's underwhelming promise seems to beryllium ignoring nan bigger image – what astir nan integrative vessel itself?

While past twelvemonth saw galore soft drinks rebranding, location seems to beryllium small advancement successful tackling nan rumor of integrative contamination caused by packaging. While mini changes are a affirmative step, it feels for illustration a world marque specified arsenic Coca-Cola could beryllium doing a batch much than conscionable stripping its Sprite bottles down for a speedy eco-conscious accolade.

Sprite label-less packaging

(Image credit: Coca-Cola Company)

In a press release, Coca-Cola confirmed that Sprite will acquisition "a short UK trial" wherever bottles will beryllium bare, pinch basal laser-engraved merchandise accusation connected nan back, successful lieu of a label. The determination intends to thief "reduce nan magnitude of packaging worldly utilized overall," contempt still utilizing integrative bottles to incorporate nan product. The constricted rollout of nan caller Sprite bottles is somewhat of an underwhelming announcement – a truth that only highlights nan brand's anemic sustainable believe successful really small they person to show. 

Yet Coca-Cola claims that its caller eco-efforts are portion of a wider initiative, noting nan displacement from greenish to clear integrative packaging arsenic different illustration of its World Without Waste strategy. The institution besides claims that it will beryllium moving to create lightweight bottles and trim nan magnitude of packaging successful some distribution and wide sales.

Sprite label-less packaging

(Image credit: Coca-Cola Company)

While nan existent bottles (minus nan cap) are made of 100% recycled plastic, nan announcement feels much for illustration an effort to greenwash nan brand, fixed nan sustainable accent placed connected specified a mini proceedings tally of products. In 2022, Break Free From Plastic's marque audit revealed that Coca-Cola was nan worst integrative polluter for 5 years running, and pinch nary awesome changes from nan brand, it will request to enact important changes to beryllium it's genuinely sustainable. Unfortunately, ditching nan explanation isn't enough.

For packaging that nails sustainable design, return a look astatine nan eco-friendly packaging that's embracing colour complete boring beige. If you're aft immoderate creation inspiration, return a look astatine nan eco-friendly shampoo bars that maestro stylish sustainability.

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